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How To Choose The Right Perch For Your Parrot

How To Choose The Right Perch For Your Parrot

Posted by Parrot Perches, Types of Perches, Perch Reviews, Perch Advice on 9/1/2024

Here is how to choose a perch for your Parrot.

Parrots need perches as a safe place to rest, play and observe the world around them. They spend long periods of their day stood on perches, both inside and outside of their cage.

In the wild a bird spends hours climbing and perching on tree branches and when kept as a companion Parrot it’s important to replicate this natural behaviour as much as possible.

Traditionally perches were made from concrete and dowel wood perches, but now there is a lot more choice and you can buy your Parrot perches made from calcium, soft wood and even bee pollen.

The materials used are much kinder on your Parrot’s feet too, so perching is a much nicer experience for them.

Thankfully that has now changed and perches are now built using materials that are much kinder on a Parrot’s feet and make perching a nicer experience for them.

What size of perch is best?

Before buying a perch for your Parrot you’ll need to establish what size of perch your Parrot is going to need. The larger your Parrot is, the bigger the perch they will need.

We’ve listed suitable bird sizes with every perch we stock, so you can choose the right one for your feathered friend.

However, a Parrot should have multiple perches of varying diameters in order to keep their feet well exercised and in superb condition.

Fixing perches at different points around the cage and changing their location frequently keeps your Parrot’s cage an exciting place to be.

There are perches that let you change the shape and size of them whenever needed, ensuring your Parrot’s perching time stays fresh and interesting.

Some perches are designed for a specific style of cage, so you can tailor your Parrot’s perch to their cage.

What styles of perch are available?

Natural wood perches, like those made from Manzanita, have lots of variation in width and length.

These are tough enough to withstand the weight of a larger Parrot’s weight and chewing ability, although they aren’t indestructible.

One word of caution: hardwood perches often have splits in them which occur when the wood hardens and dries out, which is actually a good indicator of their hardness.

Your Parrot certainly won’t mind they’ve split. Wedge treats into the gaps left behind and promote your Parrot’s natural foraging behaviour.

To help your Parrot resist chewing, many perches have space on them to add extra fun accessories such as chewable toys, so Parrots will chew on these instead.

Rope Perches

Rope perches are generally made from sisal or cotton and can be natural looking or coloured. The woven nature of rope perches means they too offer an uneven surface for your Parrot to grip, working their feet as they move around.

Most have a metal wire core which the rope is plaited around, to provide added strength, plus the opportunity to bend the rope and create different shapes. Popular styles include spirals or boings, plus zigzags or steps.

For example the Sisal Zig Zag Parrot Perch has lots of extra room to tie on materials like cotton and leather for your Parrot to play with.

Rope perches can be used in many different ways and can reach across much larger spaces then other perches.

Note: As with any product made with or using rope, including toys, it is advisable to check and maintain ropes regularly. Loose threads should be removed / trimmed and anything that is in a poor state should be removed and replaced.

If your Parrot has something else to entertain them as they perch it reduces birdie boredom

Sanded Perches

A Parrot’s nails are always growing and we know how difficult it can be for you to keep your Parrot’s nails a healthy and trim length.

But a sanded nail trimming perch does all the hard work for your Parrot! As the bird walks along the perch it wears down their nails, just like tree bark would in their natural environment, meaning less trips to the vet for nail clipping.

Edible Perches

There’s a range of perches made from edible minerals including calcium and bee pollen, providing your Parrot with essential vitamins and minerals when they chew on them as they perch.

Shower and Window Perches

Parrots love bathing and getting wet. Shower perches give your Parrot a sturdy grip as they enjoy the mist of a shower.

Window perches can be used all over your house. Hang them up all over your house and see how versatile they are.

The shower and window perches fasten securely onto smooth surfaces and discourage a Parrot from perching on objects they shouldn’t, like lamps and photo frames. Most Parrots love sitting on a perch, watching the world go by through the nearby window.

The more perching solutions your Parrot has the happier and fitter they’ll be. Have the right perching solution available for your Parrot at all times. Find all the perches here