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Foods Your Parrot Should Avoid Eating This Christmas

Foods Your Parrot Should Avoid Eating This Christmas

Posted by Foods Parrots Cant Eat, Dangerous Foods, Parrot Safety, Parrot Health, Christmas Parrot Advice on 9/1/2024

Here are foods your Parrot should avoid eating this Christmas.

Christmas is coming, which means lots of food, drink and general merriment, and your Parrot is sure to be joining in with the festivities too; you just need to ensure they’re safe.

Many of us enjoy foods and drinks we know aren’t good for us, with the intention of exercising more in January. Not wanting your Parrot to miss out, it’s hard not to give into temptation and allow them a bite of something they shouldn’t over Christmas.

Have you ever fed your Parrot food off your plate? Well if you have you’re not alone, as nearly 20% of pet owners have done just that, despite knowing it’s bad for their pet, and with Xmas such a special occasion, this number is sure to increase.

Here is something else for you to chew on. Nearly half (49%!) of all pet owners surveyed admitted allowing their pet to eat some festive food as “they are a part of the family” even though they knew the risks.

But if you want to ensure you and your Parrot remembers Christmas for the right reasons and not for the expensive trip to the vets, here are five things for your Parrot to avoid this December so you and your Parrot can dine happily.


We eat masses of chocolate over Christmas, but it is harmful for your Parrot, so don’t allow your feathered friend even a nibble.

Salted Foods

Parrots can’t eat foods high in salt, like some nuts, crisps and snacks, since large quantities of salt are dangerous for Parrots.


Any type of alcoholic drink is a complete no-no for Parrots. Many of us enjoy an odd alcoholic drink with our Christmas meal, but please ensure your Parrot has plenty of fresh water available.


A popular spice used around Christmas time, yet it has been known to cause illness in many pets.

Real Christmas Trees, Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe

Ok, I can’t imagine you taking a nibble of any of this yourself over Christmas, but they are rather appealing to your feathered friend. If they’re digested these festive plants can cause problems for your Parrot, so please don’t let your birds munch on them.

Many Christmas trees have sap, which is difficult to remove if it gets stuck to feathers, and could be toxic. If a tree has ever been outside, it could have been exposed to animals carrying parasites and wild birds carrying viruses, bacteria and other organisms that could infect your Parrot.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there are many other foods your Parrot needs to steer clear of including avocado, guacamole and caffeine to name a few. Most dairy products contain a lot of fat, so ensure your Parrot only consumes small amounts as a treat.

More Information

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There are many other dangers to your Parrot this festive season.

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Northern Parrots have lots of food and treats that are safe for your Parrot to eat this Christmas, so let your bird tuck into those instead.