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Cockatiel Toy Guide

Cockatiel Toy Guide

Posted by Cockatiel Toys, Toy Guides, Parrot Toys, Parrot Toy Types on 9/1/2024

Here is our guide to Cockatiel toys.

With all the different toy styles available, it can be a challenge to know what to order for your Cockatiel. We break down the different toy styles and the best toys from each one for you. Plus some suggestions based on top selling and top rated toys for Cockatiels.

Foraging Toys

There’s reusable or chewable. Both types offer a puzzle for your Cockatiel to solve before they get to retrieve their treats. This could be manipulating they toy or simply chewing it.

The Nutcase is a reusable toy which can be filled with rewards, your Cockatiel has to work out how to get their treats through the oval shaped holes.

Wood and Rope Toys

Chewing on the wood on these toys helps your Cockatiel maintain a healthy and trim beak and using the rope for preening reduces feather destructive behaviours.

The Beaded Triangle has lots of chewable and preening parts.

The Preening Plait has many leather strips to unravel and of course preen with.

Willow and Palm Toys

Have different textures and materials your Kakariki can pick at and unravel.

The Willow Wizard has lots of vine munch balls to pick and preen, along with sisal rope and a vine star.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

Watch your Cockatiel enjoy shredding these toys into smaller pieces. They love the sound cardboard and paper makes as it’s broken down too.

The Stacks of Shredding has layers of cardboard pieces for your Cockatiel to shred with their beak or feet.

Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes are hard cardboard pieces for your bird to chew on.

Birdie Bangles

Cactus Toys

Like the Bird Kabobs, have a multitude of fibres for your Cockatiel to pick and preen with. The natural and safe material, agave or cactus fun, provides hours of chewing pleasure.

Acrylic and Metal Toys

These toys are designed to withstand a more destructive playtime.

Bells and Musical Toys

For even more noise-making fun, check out the bells and musical toys.

Foot Toys

Designed to be picked up and held – helping to keep feet well exercised.

The Sneaker Foot Toy has knotted laces to untie.

Birds just love to pick up and throw the UFO Foot Toy around.

The Munch Balls are also interesting to chew and unravel.

Swings and Climbing Toys

Great for promoting your Cockatiel to exercise through play.

The Parrot Boing has over 5 feet of rope for your Cockatiel to climb and play on.

The Colourful Bendy Ladder can be bent into different shapes that your Cockatiel can exercise on.

The Rainbow Sisal Preening Rope Swing has lots of knotted sisal rope to play and preen on.

Activity and Trick Toys

Why not teach your Cockatiel colours and numbers with the Teacher Toy? They could even go shopping for their own goodies with the Shopping Trolley.

Toy Packs

For lots of entertaining toys in the one bundle, take a look at the toy packs. The Cockatiel and Small Parrot Toy Pack has been designed especially for these littler beaks.

Please Note
You’ll know your Parrot best, please choose toys that you feel are suitable for your Cockatiel’s level of destruction. As with anything new it can take some time for your Cockatiel to accept a new toy. Introduce new toys slowly. Place it some distance away from your Parrot at first, then bring it closer to them as they become more confident.

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