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Amazon Parrot Feeding Guide

Here is our Amazon Parrot Feeding Guide.

An Amazon Parrot’s diet need to be as mixed as you can make it. Use a pelleted or complete diet as the base, say 60-80% of their diet, and the remaining 20% of the diet needs to be fruits, nuts, seeds (including sprouting seeds) and other treats.

Pelleted and Complete Food

Avian vets class Kaytee Exact Rainbow Parrot as one of the best complete Parrot foods. Its range of ingredients are of the highest quality and include Omega-3, which helps give better colouring, feathering and supports your Amazon’s overall wellbeing.

Lafeber NutriBerries can be used as a complete food or treat. Five tasty flavours are available, OriginalTropicalSunny OrchardEl Paso and Garden Veggie. Their small shape makes them easy to hold in feet or beak and they have the 40 essential nutrients birds need.

Pack of 4 NutriBerries
Pack of 4 NutriBerries

Soaking Seed / Sprouting Seed

Dish up a scrumptious meal for your Parrot with sprouting seed. Simply soak it for two days, rinsing occasionally and then serve it up to your bird. It has a low fat content and high protein, vitamin, enzyme and mineral content.


Vegetables include kale, spinach, broccoli and carrot.


There are loads of different fruits for you to introduce to your Amazon Parrot. These are

Fresh fruits are great, but if you need a little more convenience take a look at our range of dried fruits.

Fruit For Parrots
Fruit For Parrots


Parrot Premium Professional has been developed to our exact requirements, with only the very best ingredients used, including rowan seed and berries.


Parrots love finding nuts inside foraging toys or in a feeding dish, they make a great snack between meals. Some popular ones to try are cedar, macadamia and walnut.

Other Treats

Other beak-wateringly good treats your Parrot can enjoy tucking include Bird Greens.  See all treats for your Amazon here.

Please Note:
We would always advise buying the smallest bag/pack possible to trial your Parrot with. It can take some time and persistence to introduce a new food. It may be worth having a second bowl of water next to you Amazon’s food bowl, as many enjoy dunking their food before eating it. Always have fresh water available.

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