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About TOP`S Parrot Food

About TOP`S Parrot Food

Posted by TOP's Parrot Food, bird food on 23/1/2024

Find out more about TOP's Parrot food.

TOP'S began in 2003. The founders wanted to create a Parrot food that was healthy, wholesome and perhaps most importantly Organic and use pellets that have been processed as little as possible. Totally Organic Pellets (TOP'S) only use the highest quality, human grade ingredients that have been chosen from the best companies available.

That’s because unprocessed foods gives your Parrot much more nutrition. When your bird has the correct levels of nutrition they lead a happier, healthier life.

TOPS also believe that more natural Organic food is more readily absorbed by the body than other, man-made processed foods and birds are more likely to eat it too. TOP'S food contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives either to add to the nutritional benefit that your Parrot gets from them.

TOP'S Food

The food is available in a crumbled pellet for small Parrots and a standard pellet for medium to large Parrots.

TOP'S food for medium to large Parrots comes in a 1lb, 4lb or 10lb bag. The 100% Organic food contains good amounts of protein, fat and fibre. This helps your bird develop strong muscles, gives them a burst of energy and aids their digestive system respectively.

All the food has been cold pressed and not extruded or baked so that the levels of enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients stays at the highest levels possible. Rosemary, lemon and orange peel have been added to preserve the nutrition rich content.


TOP'S Crumbled Pellets for Small Birds are available in 12oz or 3lb bag. It’s suitable for Budgies, Lovebirds and Cockatiels.

To keep it fresh and appealing for your bird, lemon, orange peel and rosemary have once again been added to this food.

Their other benefit is they preserve the nutrition rich content. The all natural food has large quantities of natural enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. The pellets haven’t been extruded or baked during the manufacturing process, only cold pressed, the level of nutrition remains very high. Only natural, human grade ingredients go into the food.

There is a version of these pellets for mini birds too.

There is the new blend for small and large Parrots, developed by YouTuber Marlene McCohen.


Prepare a tasty meal for your Parrot with the birdie bread. It’s quick and easy to prepare. Ready to order in a Blueberry and Peas and Carrots flavour.

You can prepare another meal for your Parrot, in the form of soaking seed. There is the Small Parrot Seed and Soaking Mix and All In One Seed and Soaking Mix.

A non soaking treat is the Tereso, in an Original flavour.

TOP's Parrot Food: All natural source of nutrition for a happy and healthy bird.