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About Feather Tail Parrot Rescue

About Feather Tail Parrot Rescue

Posted by Feather Tail Parrot Rescue, Parrot Charities, Parrot Rescue, Parrot Rehoming on 9/1/2024

At Northern Parrots we are always happy to help charities where we can. So we’d like to tell you more about Feather Tail Parrot Rescue.


48 Marston Road

B29 5LT

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07398 656760 or 07920 005590

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How and why did you get started?

Our mission is to help Parrots and Parrot owners all over the UK. Whether it be offering advice or supporting you in the surrendering of your bird to our rescue. We are a team of experienced volunteers who each specialise in different species of Parrot and are ourselves Parrot owners.

We’re hugely passionate about the safety and well-being of all Parrots and it is that passion that proved to be the driver for us as founders to launch our rescue. We aim to ensure all of our followers/members are educated on the correct care and diet for their bird. So please feel free to flock to us with anything bird related! We’ll be here to help in any way we can!!

Which birds / Parrots do you Rescue / Rehome?

We take in birds that can no longer be cared for by their owners. Birds that are found, lost or abandoned. These include Budgies, as well as all Parrot varieties from tiny Parakeets to large Macaws.

How many staff / volunteers are involved?

We have 3 Trustees and 3 volunteers as well as members who foster.

Can you give an example of a success story?

Polly was an African Grey surrendered to us after her owner had a stroke. She had been in her cage for over a year, was desperately under weight and was displaying other signs of illness.

We took her straight to the vets and she started treatment with antibiotics and had full blood work. Polly was put on an appropriate diet as she had not been on the healthiest.

It took 3 months to get Polly back to heath she is now in a foster home with a view to adopt her doing very well.

What is your re-homing policy?

We have a minimum four week assessment period when a Parrot comes in to us. We assess diet, likes, dislikes and get to know the Parrots personality.

In the meantime we assess people wanting to become members. When all assessments are complete we can look at matching our birds to forever homes. They will then get regular wellbeing checks for life and can never be sold or moved on. They stay under Feather Tail Parrot Rescue.

How can people help / get involved?

We have a website and facebook group if someone wants to hand in their Parrot or become a member and adopt. We’re also looking for people to foster Parrots waiting for forever homes. We welcome anyone wanting to help with fundraising and we have our facebook group