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There are many different styles of cages available for African Greys, so choose the one that’ll suit your bird best. Cages come in a selection of colours and styles to blend in with the existing decor of your home.


Although your African Grey needs to spend as much time outside their cage as possible, cages come complete with numerous accessories so your bird’s time spent in their cage is a happy one. Buy the biggest cage that you can afford for your feathered friend. Many cages come with lots of well thought out features such as removable seed catchers. These help to stop excess mess or droppings landing outside of the cage, causing extra mess for you to clean up.


Large front doors, pull out grilles and trays as well as easy roll wheels, all designed to help gain easy access for cleaning and maintaining your Parrot's cage. Feeders are generally fitted into swing-out doors, allowing easy and quick access to water and feeding dishes. This also helps you to reduce any stress for your bird, compared to having to reach through via the main door.


Open top cages have a top opening roof section, which can be held open with a perch providing a safe place for your African Grey to sit outside of their cage. Plus your Parrot gets a high vantage point to observe their surroundings.


Our play top cages for African Grey Parrots come with an extra play area for your bird to explore. Fill it with your Grey’s favourite toys. In most cases the play area can be removed, giving your Parrot entertainment away from their cage. Please supervise your Parrot if they are using toys.


Solid top African Grey cages are either flat or dome top and give your Parrot a very secure cage with no additional areas. There are corner cages available too, which make great use of corner spaces in your home, as well as providing extra protection for your Parrot.


Use travel cages for when you and your African Grey Parrot are on the move, perhaps when you’re going to the vet. Travel cages come with perches and feeding cups so your bird’s journey is a happy one.


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