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About Beaphar Bogena

About Beaphar Bogena

Posted by About Beaphar, Parrot Suppliments, Anti-Parasite Treatments, Vitamins and Minerals, Parrot Food on 19/1/2024

During the Second World War Bernard Aa (Phar) founded Beaphar Bogena. He had a love of pets and set about creating a range of homeopathic products for dogs and cats. In the 1960’s and 70’s the range expanded further to include veterinary products.

By the late 1970’s not only had Beaphar Bogena built their own laboratory where they could conduct their own research, they had bought other companies too. They continue to carry out their own research and development across lots of sectors of companion animal health and are well respected in the industry.

Beaphar Bogena are particularly well known for their avian health products, but produce an impressive range of complete foods too.


Beaphar Bogena are renowned for their spot on Anti-Parasite Treatments. There are three formulas available, to target different bird sizes, one for Greys and Amazons, one for Small Birds and one for Cockatiels, Conures etc The solution is easy to apply and targets internal parasites such as roundworm and external parasites like fleas and mites.

For a more targeted approach you can try the Worming Liquid. It quickly dilutes in water to treat either individual birds or whole aviaries.

The Insecticidal Spray targets lice, mites and other pesticides. It’s particularly effective against blood-sucking mites that live on your Parrot or in their cage. All you need to do is spray it on your bird and it works for up to two weeks if bath water is removed first.

Vitamins and Minerals

Help improve your Parrot’s digestion with some Mineral Grit for Pet Birds. The fine inorganic grit provides important calcium which your bird uses to build strong bones and breaks down food quicker in their gut.

You can ensure your Parrot is receiving all the vitamins they require as part of a balanced diet with the Beaphar Multi Vitamins. Simply add them to your Parrot’s water or food. Without vitamins your Parrot could become predisposed to infections and other health problems.


The other complete pelletted food for wild birds, Beaphar Mynah Granules, has the same benefits. It makes proteins more digestible and droppings less fluid.

A good proportion of Beaphar’s complete food for companion birds is Organic. It comes in easy to eat pellets and is not heated so that it retains its nutritional value. That way, you have the peace of mind that this complete food really is giving your Parrot everything they need in a balanced diet. And because it’s a complete food, very little waste is created.

Beaphar Bogena have created food specifically for specific Parrot species too, such as this one for African Greys. Plus it has no chemical colourings or preservatives.

There is also complete food for Parakeets and Small Birds.

Beaphar Bogena: Keeping your Parrot healthy with nutritious food, supplements and treatments for common illnesses.