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Acrylic and Metal Parrot Toys are great for birds and Parrots who are more destructive in their play. Acrylic and Metal Toys come in a large variety of shapes in many different colours, which appeal to and interest the inquisitive mind of your pet bird. Bird safe metal chains and shapes add strength and make toys shiny and reflective.


Parrots can’t resist a cheeky peek at their own reflection! The strong nature of acrylic and metal allow for tough play, because of their durable nature. The sound of clanging parts as your bird bashes, swings and pulls their toy around adds to their overall enjoyment.


Bells, such as the shiny stainless steel ones and those inside the durable acrylic-like holders, are designed to prevent your Parrot from removing the clapper inside, ensuring this durable toy stands the test of time. The majority of the toys aren’t chewable or suitable for foraging; however your feathered friend will be having so much fun making noise they won’t even notice.


All sizes of bird like the challenge of Acrylic and Metal Toys, from the small Budgie to the Large Macaw. They provide a different kind of play to chewable foraging toys, and last longer, although Parrots should always have a range of toys to play with.


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