Direct Dispatch - 7 days delivery

  • antique tabletop stand

    Tabletop Parrot Stand with Toy Hanger & Feeder

    • Safe to perch, feed and play on
    • Your Parrot can enjoy climbing the steps to reach the main perch
    • The tray is removable and can easily be wiped down
    • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Conure and more
  • cockatiels on the medium nail trimming stand

    Sanded Nail Trimming Tabletop Parrot Stand - Medium

    • The perfect stand for Parrots
    • Take your Parrot with you around your home
    • Trims nails on the stand
    • Suitable for Budgie, Caique, Cockatiel and more
  • medium java tabletop tree

    Java Tabletop Tree - Medium - Natural Hardwood Parrot Stand

    • Direct despatch - 7 days
    • Hand carved base that's easy to move around
    • Comes with a feeding bowl
    • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Macaw and more
    • A beautiful tree for your Parrot to perch on
  • large nail trimming stand

    Sanded Nail Trimming Tabletop Parrot Stand - Large

    • Keeps nails short and lets your Parrot go around your home with you
    • Strong and lightweight
    • Take your Parrot with you wherever they need to go
    • Suitable for African Grey, Caique, Sm Conure, Eclectus, Sm Macaw, Meyers, Senegals and Quaker
  • parrot cage cover

    Rainforest Parrot Cage Cover Size 3

    • A cover to drape over your bird's cage to give them the right levels of darkness
    • Secured with velcro so your Parrot feels safe
    • Easy to fit onto bird cages
    • This has been designed for the Brazil 2, Rio Ara, Mini Santa Fe, Cortes, Ecuador and Chile cages.