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Meet My Parrot - Chilli the African Grey

Published on Friday, 11th May 2018
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For this month’s Meet My Parrot, we’re meeting Chilli the African Grey. Over to his owner Jackie who tells us all about him.

My African Grey’s name is Chili. 

When we decided to have a Parrot we looked into different species and we decided he was right for us. Parrots need lots of attention and I’m home a lot so thought we could give him a good home. 

Chilll’s favourite food is apple, although he has problems saying l’s so he constantly shouts I want appo and of course a wee peanut after his daily spray.

He favourite toy is his large spiral and we have two hanging from the ceiling with his babble ball, (he’s had 3 so far) and of course being a typical Grey lots of wooden and paper toys.

Chilli loves playing peekaboo.

He speaks constantly. He is only 4 years old and knows lots of words, sometimes it’s like having a conversation with another human.

My advice for Grey’s is to take your time, they will get to know you slowly but once they decide you are part of the flock they are friends for life. Also learn how to read them, those slanty eyes aren’t evil for a no reason.

Thank you to Jackie for telling us all about Chilli. If you’d like to feature in a future Meet My Parrot please read this blog for everything you need to know.

For everything you need for African Greys such as Chilli please click here

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