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When deciding to breed your Parrots and hand-feed or rear a baby bird you are making a huge commitment. You are quite literally putting your bird`s life in your hands. It takes a lot of time and energy to ensure your birds and their chicks are carefully looked after and cared for, so they can be healthy and strong. During this time you need to be assured that the food you are feeding them won’t let you or your birds down.


By choosing products specifically formulated, tried and tested over a number of years by top veterinarians, nutritionists and breeders worldwide, you can have the peace of mind that you are providing the best diet possible. Although no food is ever as good as what Parrots can give them, our hand-feeding food is a more then suitable alternative for young chicks if you're rearing them yourself.


We have products specially designed for most Parrot species, so chicks and parents stay healthy. There is egg food for Parrots laying and rearing eggs, so they stay fit and well. These are packed with essential nutrients and minerals Parrot parents need.


Combine the breeding and hand-feeding food with our breeding equipment products so your Parrot can successfully raise their chicks.


Click to watch our video on Parrot Breeding and Handfeeding Food.