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Simple yet effective, cage covers play an important role in giving your Parrot around 12 hours of sleep per night. Their human flock only tend to need 6-8 hours and this difference can have a big effect on your bird`s wellbeing.


Your Parrot can experience warmth, darkness and security from a cage cover, and are the key ingredients to a good night`s sleep. Secure fitting flaps are present on most cage covers, which can easily be lifted allowing you access to the cage door without removing the whole cover, helping to keep the rest of your Parrot's cage free from draughts. With the use of artificial lights in the home your pet bird is subject to longer days and shorter nights.


Cage covers provide the darkness required to help your bird sleep when you are still awake. Security provided by a cage cover helps to imitate your bird's natural habitat; high up in a tree protected by foliage. If your bird isn’t feeling safe and secure they are unlikely to sleep well.


Make sure your Parrot can catch the zzz’s with one of these lovely Parrot Cage Covers.