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World Vet Day

World Vet Day

Posted by world vet day, what is world vert day, support avian vets on 19/1/2024

Our vets do so much to care for our pet Parrots, so let’s take a moment to thank them on World Vet Day (Saturday April 24th 2021.)

Avian Vets

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Parrots are classed as exotic animals and although all vets are qualified to look after them, specialist avian vets have had further training to gain a certificate in zoo medicine qualification, to fully understand how to support birds and Parrots when they’re ill.

We have a list of vets holding this additional qualification in Wales, North West England, South West England, Yorkshire and North East England, Scotland, The Midlands and South East England, as well as vets based outside the UK.

We have advice on choosing an avian vet on our blog pages, along with profiles of some of the specialist avian vets found in the UK, like Avian Veterinary Services, The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies and Birch Health Veterinary Clinic.

Richard Jones of AVS

Kevin Eatwell of The Royal School

Mike Stanford of Birch Health

If you know of any avian vets not mentioned in the list do let us know in the comment section below and we’ll add them to the relevant blog.

World Vet Day is always on the last Saturday in April, meaning this year it’s taking place on Saturday April 24th 2021. World Vet Day began in 2000, because the World Veterinary Association wanted to promote the work that vets do around the world.

Each year the day has a theme highlighting a different area of pet care, and what vets can do to help.

How does your vet help you and your Parrot and are you going to be thanking them on World Vet Day?

Let us know in the comments.

Comment on what you love / why you love your avian vet – and who are they?