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Totally Organics Review by Becki Dodson and her Parrot Elfie

Totally Organics Review by Becki Dodson and her Parrot Elfie

Posted by Totally Organics Review, TOPS Parrot food, Parrot Food Reviews, Parrot Nutrition on 24/1/2024

Here is Becki’s review of Totally Organics.

When Elfie came to us, we made the mistake, like a lot of new owners do, of treating her like another family member.

When we ate, she could have a little nibble of something we would take off our plate (never a good idea guys!) and she became hugely accustomed to this idea.


Now however, we have decided to try and keep Elfie healthier as her mood swings and behaviour has changed a lot from the growth she has had.

We have a large cage, which at one end has two bowls which we usually fill with the same mixed seed food.

This week, we have changed it so one side holds the normal food, whilst the other contains the new and exciting pellet and fresh vegetable mix.

Elfie is extremely inquisitive, as most Parrots are, and is down within seconds to investigate. She is a bit confused by the new food but does take a few bites, with lots of waste it’s hard to tell how she at first feels about this new food.


However, as we start to change the bowls after a few days, we realise Elfie really has started to chow down on the Totally Organics pellets. Elfie likes the pellets size, because she can hold them in her feet whilst she eats and also they aren’t solid, so she can very easily break them down.

The only problem is that it crumbles a lot and makes a bit of a mess. If you are a diligent cleaner, like me and my Mother, it makes no problem when they are cleaned every day.

Overall, I feel for the value of money it’s good. Elfie really enjoys eating it, and mixes a lot of different foods to create what she wants. Giving this with seed and vegetables is going to be a brilliant diet for my Parrot Elfie and I think this could be permanent for her now.

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So let me know guys, how have you found new food with your Parrot?