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The World's Happiest Bears Just Got Even Happier

The World's Happiest Bears Just Got Even Happier

Posted by Wildwood Trust, Bears Trust, Bear Food on 25/1/2024

The world’s happiest bears just got even happier, thanks to a delivery of bear food from us.

Following an international mix-up, we received a shipment of almost half a ton of Complete Omnivore Food from ZuPreem.

Bear food at Wildwood

Not wanting the food to go to waste, we sought out The Wildwood Trust, who were delighted to accept the donation for their two rescued Bulgarian bears, Geoff and Cai.

Wildwood Trust

The Wildwood Trust had rescued the bears from their previous home in Bulgaria in 2014 following an appeal by The Daily Mirror. Geoff and Cai were born into a life of misery and neglect in an abandoned bear breeding centre.

They were brought to Wildwood’s park in Kent, where they have a swimming pool, cave and climbing frames to support their rehabilitation. Originally in an appalling state of health, they are now thriving. After getting used to one another, they were introduced to one another in recent weeks, and they are now the best of friends.

Bear food at Wildwood

The entire shipment of food was donated to the bears on 23rd March. We are delighted to have been able to help support these magnificent creatures.

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Bears at wildwood