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The Top Royal Parrots

As we approach the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it’s time to look at how our feathered friends are linked to the Royal Family.
Prince Harry met some endangered Parrots when he visited the Caribbean in 2017. Although we don’t think anyone will be buying him a Parrot as a wedding gift.  That’s because the birds tried to bite him when he visited the islands.

Royal Parrots

Queen Elizabeth the Second has an aviary of Budgies. Going back further in time King Henry the Eighth and Queen Victoria both kept African Grey Parrots. Queen Victoria’s Grey learnt how to sing the national anthem, much to her amusement.
Here’s our Top 10 Parrots with a royal associated name


The King Parrot. The King originates in Eastern Australia and is quiet (for a Parrot!) Although unlike most Australian Parakeets you can teach them to talk. There are three species of King Parrot, Moluccan, Papuan and Australian.

Royal Parrots


The beautiful Princess Parrot. The Princess Parrot lives for around 30 years but is endangered in the wild. The Princess has a calm and charming personality. Read more about the Princess Parrot here.

Princess Parrot


The Lord Derby’s Parakeet gets its name from the Lord of Derby. Lord Derby’s live in the forests of India and China.

Lord Derbyan Parakeet


The Alexandrine Parakeet is named after Alexander the Great. Alexandrines are similar to a Macaw, in that they are extremely intelligent. Read all about Alexandrine Parrots here.

Alexandrine Parakeet


Lilac-crowned Amazon. Purple is traditionally the colour of Royalty, due to the cost of the dye that used to be used to make their clothes. Lilac-crowned Amazons are full of personality.

Lilac crowned Amazon


Duchess Lorikeet. The Duchess Lorikeet is small but has a high-pitched voice.

Duchess Lorikeet 


Blue-crowned Lorikeet. Blue-crowned Lorikeets normally rest in trees but have been known to dig burrows.

Blue-crowned lory (Vini australis) captive, from Samoa, Tonga, Lau Archipelago


Regent Parrot. The Regent Parrot is an excellent flyer.

Regent Parakeet


Red-crowned Parakeet is also known as the Kakariki. Kakarikis originate from New Zealand and are very agile and noisy. Find everything for Kakarikis here. 

Red-crowned Parakeet


Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. Major Mitchell was one of the first explorers of Australia and was knighted in the 1800’s.  The longest lived Parrot ever was a Major Mitchell’s. Cookie died when he was 83. And as we all know, the Royal Family live for a long time too, the Queen Mother was over 100 when she died.

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Let us know if you can think of any more in the comments below or on our Facebook page here.
Plus, we’d love to see pictures of your Parrot enjoying the big day
Whether you Parrot has links with royalty or not we’re sure they rule the roost in your home. You’ll find everything for your Parrot Prince or Princess available for fast delivery here

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