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The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park Review

The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park Review

Posted by Pet Show, The Pet Show at Stoneleigh Park on 25/1/2024

Mike Simmons reviews The Pet Show.

This year for the second year running, I attended The Pet Show held at Stoneleigh Park on the 1st and 2nd August. This event was enjoyable to work within, but there was so much for on offer for the public to see and do as well.


The animals ranged from small snails, to dogs, cats and horses and of course there were birds too!

Along with my Parrots, I presented four arena displays based on training and flight.

The Pet Show

These displays highlighted the positive side in training not just your pet Parrot, but any pet. Its stimulating and enriching effect means that training is a must.

In my presentation I talked through the use of positive reinforcement training and my experiences with not just birds, but also tigers and sea lions and how all animals are linked in the way that they learn.

All in all, the audience went away with a message of how powerful this method of training can be. They previously were low in confidence because they had a pet that would not walk on a lead or go into a carrier box, but their confidence was soon lifted.

The highlight of the event was a small group of Parrots that were trained to locate an arena and find me hidden in among the audience. My job wouldn’t be as great, if it wasn’t for the help of some super birds to work with.


Aside from the arena shows, I manned a stall answering questions in regards to Parrot health and the aspects of keeping the birds healthy.

The general public are always really surprised to hear the longevity of birds such as Macaws and fascinated with the bird’s ability to mimic.

macaws at the pet show

For potential pet owners we make sure to highlight a companion Parrot’s plus points but also their negative points such as their loud vocalisations and necessity to chew at woods.

For the owners with Parrots already in their care, most are unaware of some aspects of husbandry. Good feeding and natural lighting was our main points raised.

We are proudly sponsored by Northern Parrots. As a result we want our birds to reflect our professionalism, so as a result they have to be tip top in condition.

We had Arcadia lights over the birds in their travel trailer, which not only helped the visitors admire their plumage, but also kept the birds healthy and calm. The flickering and unnatural lighting within the exhibition hall unsettles them much more then when we are working outdoors as they lose their full colour sight.


We also promoted a good quality pellet diet for the birds in their care. Harrison’s was our recommendation, we even used it as a treat for all of the flying and behaviour training in our displays.

Macaw at the pet show

There is always something to be learnt, for everyone including myself. The two days and two nights at the Pet Show this year gave me quality time with the public that attended but also with my feathered friends.

Maybe we shall see you there next year, it’s well worth going!

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