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The Importance of Hideaways To Parrots

The Importance of Hideaways To Parrots

Posted by Parrot Hideaways, Why are Hideaways Important, Parrot Care, Parrot Safety on 9/1/2024

Here’s why hideaways are important for Parrots.

With their bright colours, charming characters and playful intellect it can be easy to forget that pet birds and companion Parrots are prey animals. By the very nature of their design, they have wings and are able to fly, and flight has many uses for birds, but an important one is being able to remove themselves from danger quickly.


In our human environment birds and Parrots kept as companion animals are in no real danger of attack from their natural predators, but this doesn’t mean they become fearless. Those natural instincts to fly and hide when frightened still exist.

In the home or aviary environment your Parrot could become frightened or nervous by such things as unexpected noises, other animals, new objects or even new people.

So how can hideaways help?

In their natural environment Parrots have the benefit of being able to retreat to the foliage of trees and bushes when they feel scared or threatened. But of course when kept as pets they don’t have this option. Providing a hideaway gives pet birds and Parrot a dedicated safe place to escape to and disappear from view – whenever they want.

Being able to hide for a short time helps a Parrot feel less stressed. A bird that is constantly stressed is much more likely to suffer from other illnesses. It must be difficult for any pet bird or Parrot that feels afraid but has nowhere to hide.

Hideaways are also great for when your Parrot just want some downtime. If you have a busy home with a lot going on it’s only natural that a Parrot would want to distance themselves from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


They give pet birds a sense of privacy, as when they’re in their hideaway no one can disturb them or intrude on their space. So hideaways play an important role in a birds emotional wellbeing, always there ready to put a reassuring arm around them until they feel ready to face the world again.

Hideaways are available in variety of designs and styles. The Snuggle Sack and Happy Snuggle Hut are designed so birds can climb inside and really get themselves out of view.

The Cosy Corner is a soft warm fleece blanket that fits in a quiet corner of the cage which the bird snuggles in to.

And the Perch Tents combines comfortable perching with a warm tent-shaped hideaway. The open bottom design on the Perch Tents makes them perfect for long-tailed birds and Parrots.

During the colder late autumn months, throughout the winter and into early spring, hideaways can play a vital part in helping pet birds and Parrots stay healthy.



Even with centrally heated rooms the chilly weather causes cold draughts which, if birds are exposed to, can easily put pressure on their immune system. Having a warm and cosy hideaway in their cage can really help your bird to stay fit and healthy.

During the breeding season hideaways can trigger nesting behaviour, so it may be advisable to suggest removing hideaways from the cage at this time only. They are easy to use and clean and soon become a favourite place to hang out for many a pet bird and Parrot.

Hideaway Safety

Tents and hideaways are not designed as a toy, but ultimately we know Parrots love to chew. Every Parrot is different, their personality, as well as how strong and destructive they are.

Hideaways may not be suitable for destructive birds. It is important to check hideaways regularly, you may need to repair, replace or remove any which have become unsafe. Please pay particular attention to loose threads which should be trimmed straightaway.

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