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Thank You to Barrett Watson

Thank You to Barrett Watson

Posted by Thank you to Barrett Watson, Barrett Watson, testing Parrot toys, Parrot toys on 9/1/2024

It was a lovely sunny day here at NP HQ and we were all excited as we waited on the arrival of Barrett Watson, a highly respected Parrot breeder who many of you will have heard of or had the pleasure to meet him in person.

We’d asked Barrett if he would kindly bring along some of his Parrots to road test and play with a number of toys and accessories whilst we took photos. It has been a good couple of years since our last Parrot photography session, and we wanted to be able to provide more great images for the website and catalogue.

See some of the pictures we took on our website here.

We hope they help you to gauge sizes better to work out if a product is suitable for your bird before you buy. Let us know how useful you find these images by posting a comment below.

Barrett Watson arrived and with him a fantastic flock of Parrots, there was Babe (African Grey), Hector (Moluccan Cockatoo), Bilbo (Senegal), Mack & Cora (Military Macaws), Ruby (Green Winged Macaw), Furby (Blue & Gold Macaw) and Ziggy (Blue-Fronted Amazon).

We’ve posted a few images below so you can see the Parrots making the most of their chance to pose and show off in front of the camera.

We’d like to say Thank You to Barrett and his Parrots for taking the time to visit us, we know we enjoyed it.

If you’d like to find out more about Barrett Watson and his birds, please visit his site –




Mack and Cora