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Safehaven Parrot Refuge Under New Management

Safehaven Parrot Refuge Under New Management

Posted by Safehaven Parrot Refuge, Parrot Rescue, Parrot Charity on 9/1/2024

2022 Update – Safehaven Parrot Refuge is now under New Management.

Contact details

Safehaven Parrot Refuge
8 Hillend Close
GL20 6DS

Membership and Rehoming: 01684 850 466

Many people are unaware of the need for rescue centres such as ours. We hope to explain to you just how much we are needed and the type of work we do. If at the end of reading this you still have unanswered questions, please contact our main office, who will be only too happy to help.



Established: July, 1986

Registered Charity Number: 1075873


A lot of Parrots are kept in a cage far too long without being allowed any freedom. SPR has taken in a Parrot that was kept in a small dirty cage for 35 years, with a filthy water pot and fresh food poured on top of old and never being allowed out.

What would the newspaper headlines have been if this was a human!

This bird has the intelligence of a young child, can you imagine how it has been affected over those years.

We realise that there are many more being kept in this state and are trying to encourage bird keepers to make the cage a home, not a prison. A nice clean place a Parrot can happily return to after its period of recreation, with a varied diet not just a Parrot mix day in day out.

Our good reputation has spread by word of mouth and in the first four years of operation it helped rehome over 250 larger Parrot species and many smaller ones.

“A Parrot is a sensitive living creature and should be respected. “

How and why did you get started?

Paul and Christine Forman founded Safehaven Parrot Refuge as a national Registered Charity in 1998. They have been rescuing Macaws (and other species) since 1986 and they saw the increased need for rescue centres which catered for “pet”, not aviary based homes for unwanted birds.

After working for a large Rescue Centre in Sussex that catered for all types of birds from Eagles and Hyacinth Macaws to finches, for many years, Christine decided to rescue Parrots. Paul became her partner and both moved to Gloucestershire, where birds started to come in from all over the country, without advertising.

There was no help with finance for the first twelve years. The Daily Express put an article in their colour supplement with their phone number, and then the Parrots came in so fast Neil Forbes suggested they formed a charity.

Together with our patron, Neil Forbes Bvet.Med.DipECAMS.FRCVS, they work towards providing suitable, permanent homes for unwanted birds.

What birds are with you at the moment?

SPR is primarily concerned with the larger species of Parrot, as there are very few rescue centres that are able to deal with these special birds.

However, SPR will try and help ANY bird, which is in need, regardless of size or species. We take in both cage and aviary birds.
There are also Aviaries in Wales and on the Cotswolds for non-companion Parrots with hundreds of Parrots in homes around the UK.

How many staff / volunteers are involved?

There are no paid staff working for SPR, all the work is done by people with concern for the welfare and a genuine love of Parrots.

Safehaven Parrot Refuge

Success Story for SPR

On 23rd July 2000, a Blue & Gold Macaw was brought to us called Jack. He was blind in one eye, he had no feet and his wings had been pinioned.

Living in an outside aviary, his ten year old chick died then his mate. Jack was so distraught, he bit his feet off, his keeper doing nothing to try and stop him.

When the keeper died the family brought him to us. He had never been in a house before and fluttered off his platform into a corner howling, when anyone came into the room.

From what the family said Jack must be in his 80’s, he now has word association, lives on an open platform and takes food from your hand.

What is your re-homing policy?

Our rehoming policy is that SPR will take in any species of Parrot. Then they will be assessed to see if they are to be aviary or companion birds. Once in their new home the Foster Carer has to sign a legal form of strict Terms and Conditions to safeguard the Parrot, also saying they will keep in touch with the Parrot’s previous owner if required.

They have to stay members of SPR for all the time they have the bird. We always match the bird with his/her new Carer.

Home checks will be carried out prior to and while the parrot is in their care. We never split up bonded pairs.

SPR will assist and advise you every step of the way. We have many Area co coordinators and experienced people just a phone call away. This is in case you have any worries or questions about your bird.

lease note: As a foster carer of an SPR bird you will be required to remain a member of Safehaven for the whole time of fostering.

If for any reason you are unable to continue fostering, the bird must be returned to SPR and a new home will be provided for it.

How can people help?

You can help by..
Becoming a member of SPR.
We need drivers able to pick up and deliver birds, to do home visits.
We need people who are willing to organise fundraising activities.
Sponsoring a Parrot.
Donations. Every penny goes towards the upkeep of the birds welfare. For example vet bills, food, this includes the resident and aviary birds and any new bird taken in. (should he/she need veterinary treatment).
Then there are transport costs and postage.

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