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Question and Answer with TOP's Parrot Food

Question and Answer with TOP's Parrot Food

Posted by TOP's Parrot Food, Parrot food on 26/1/2024

Here is how TOP’s Parrot food achieved Organic status.

How long did it take you to get Organic certification?

We worked for more than seven months to prepare for and achieve our USDA Organic Certification.

When did you achieve it?

We announced our USDA Organic Certification in December 2018. It took a while to prepare our company for the announcement. We had to design new labels that reflected our new status and update our web and social media properties. Overall, it was a big effort that our team undertook and it was well worth that effort.

Can you give a brief overview of the process you had to follow to achieve Organic status?

Earning USDA Organic Certification is much more than simply using Organic ingredients. The process behind the manufacturing steps and tracking all ingredients through the supply chain is also a very big part of earning the certification.

We had to prove in an audit that we were correctly following all of the regulations and best practices that are required. It was a learning curve for our company but we knew how important it was to us and our customers that we become USDA Organic Certified so we were up to the challenge.

Now, all these months later, we are very comfortable with the new requirements and the team has adapted extremely well. Our customers are also excited by this achievement and feel even better about serving our food to their treasured pets. They have been waiting for TOP’s to officially be Organic for many years.

Who certified your Organic status?

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is our USDA Organic certifier. We have a very good working relationship with the ODA staff and call on them regularly when we have questions or require paperwork that is needed to export to our partner countries like the UK.

Which of your products are Organic?

All TOP’s Parrot Food products are certified Organic. We’re proud that the Organic logo is on each of our packages.

Which ingredients are Organic?

Every ingredient that we use is Organic. That’s important for having 100 percent Organic products.

What does this non-GMO mean?

Non GMO means non genetically modified organisms. That means that the ingredients that TOP’s uses are not created in a lab or modified in any way using genetic engineering. All of our ingredients are 100 percent natural.

How often is this reviewed?

We undergo a USDA Organic audit each year to demonstrate that we are adhering to the necessary requirements to carry the Organic certification.

What does this mean for customers?

The USDA Organic Certified symbol on all TOP’s products tells customers that our food is made with the highest quality ingredients and our manufacturing processes follow the rigorous procedures that are required to be truly Organic.

At the end of the day, it means that they can be sure that our foods will be healthy options for their Parrots. We also go a step further because we are the only USDA Organic Certified Parrot food that does not use fillers, like corn, soy or peanuts, or any sugars or artificial flavours or colours.

Our food is 100 percent natural. We encourage customers to read the labels of their current foods and then read our labels. They will see a dramatic difference.

What are your plans for the future?

TOP’s plans to continue to help educate customers about the importance of good Parrot nutrition and how we can help them achieve healthy choices for their companions.

We have introduced several new products this year that are USDA Organic Certified and see great times ahead. TOP’s is only 16 years old and has a new ownership group that is going to take the company to new heights. International customers around the world are just getting introduced to our brand and we’re excited to connect with them.

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