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Preparing For Your Holiday When You Have A Parrot

Preparing For Your Holiday When You Have A Parrot

Posted by going on holiday as a Parrot owner, preparing your Parrot for holidays, can you take your Parrot on holiday on 9/1/2024

Off on holiday but unsure where to take your Parrot or take them with you? Bucktons have some advice for you. Here is how to prepare for a holiday when you have a Parrot.

Prepare Your Parrot

Are you looking forward to your holiday in the sun this summer…who isn’t? As well as packing that all important sunscreen, swimsuit and toothbrush, take some time to consider how your Parrot will cope being left behind.

Parrots are intelligent and emotional creatures who miss their owners when they’re not around and if their routine is disrupted, this can cause further stress.

Make sure you prepare them properly for the holiday by increasing the amount of time you spend out of the house, gradually over a few weeks.

Alone Time

Encourage them to cope with less attention than usual and to get used to spending time by themselves. Just like you would with a small child, try buying a few new toys that you can put in their cage to keep them occupied and remember to stick to their usual diet whilst you’re away.

Parrot Care & Boarding

Below are plenty of options to consider. Each will depend on the health and personality of your Parrot. Only you will know which option is most suitable for your pet and your situation…

Boarding at a vet

The Pros

  • You know they will be getting dedicated care and attention
  • If they have any health concerns they are in the right place to be treated
  • A good option for those who don’t have family members or friends that can look after the Parrot

The Cons

  • It’s an expensive option
  • Your Parrot could become distressed as they will have to cope with travelling and being away from their usual surrounding

Taking your Parrot on holiday (UK based destinations)

The Pros

  • Many holiday locations are now pet-friendly, just make sure you check in advance that they have no problems with Parrot
  • Your Parrot will still have you around for company
  • You can keep routines as stable as possible

The Cons

  • This is not a good option if you plan on being away from the location for long periods of time
  • Your Parrot may not be comfortable with travelling or being in a strange location
  • The accommodation may not be safe for your Parrot

Getting a sitter

The Pros

  • You can use a trusted family friend or neighbour who your Parrot already has a relationship with
  • In the weeks beforehand you can train this person up to know your Parrot’s routine
  • Your Parrot will not have to leave their usual surroundings

The Cons

  • Not everyone has someone they can trust in this way
  • Depending on the person and their circumstances, your Parrot could be spending long periods of time by themselves
  • You will need to spend some time with the sitter beforehand explaining your Parrot’s routine and leave a list of things to do