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Pip The Budgie's Inspiring Story

Pip The Budgie's Inspiring Story

Posted by Budgies, Pip The Budgie, Budgerigar on 26/1/2024

Louise Gilmartin tells us the story of her Budgie Pip.

About Pip

Pip (previously ‘Peter’) was left alone in a nursing home after his owner sadly passed away.

Her family didn’t want to inherit him, nor did the home. He was rescued by a family friend who knew we had budgies (my mum fosters & adopts at Budgie Rescue Wirral). We couldn’t say no!

He was fostered for some time with Budgie Rescue Wirral. I then adopted him during lockdown.


He’s thrived since his adoption – converted to a better diet, now loves fresh veg, plays with a variety of toys (& me!). He makes happy chips all the time. I’m sure he was happy with his first owner. He shows so much joy now, compared to the lonely life he had before he was rescued.

His cage was dirty & he wasn’t well looked after because they didn’t know how to care for a bird. He moved into a bigger cage with us and has developed into such a friendly Budgie. He definitely has some residual stress & anxiety from his early life, but he copies well & shows so much joy in the freedom & new life he now has.

I find him inspiring because he’s a rescue bird, adopted into 3-4 homes since his nest! And he still has so much joy for life & trusts humans who show kindness, despite some lonely times before.

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