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Non-toxic Branches For Parrots

Non-toxic Branches For Parrots

Posted by Parrot Perches, Non Toxic Branches, Safe Parrot Perches, No Toxic, Non-Toxic, Toxic on 15/12/2017

For safe, non-toxic branches for your Parrot please click here.

We all want our Parrots to have a natural as environment as possible and that means giving them wood to chew on, like they’d enjoy chewing on in the wild.

Here’s or handy list of some of the non-toxic wood and branches your Parrot can enjoy perching and chewing on. Have a look and see what you can find outdoors.

Apple tree wood

Apple wood can be made into many different shapes and has the strong texture Parrots love.

Bamboo wood

It’s water resistant, strong (great for keeping your Parrot’s beak trim) and it’s a renewable resource too.

Cork wood

It’s lightweight yet durable, perfect for your bird.

Elm wood

Although tough, it’s easy to carve or gnaw into different shapes.

Fir wood

It’s strong and durable and inexpensive too. Christmas trees have fir tree wood, but it’s advised Parrots don’t chew on their leaves.

Grape tree wood

Not only is it popular in reptile aquariums, it’s a hit with Parrots too. It has a natural look and feel.


As it hardens, it splits, so you can hide treats inside. This tropical hardwood is very durable too. See some of our manzanita perches here.

Pine wood

It’s fairly soft and is easy to change into any shape for your bird to play with.

Palm wood

It’s strong enough to resist most bird’s chewing attempts and it’s light enough for your bird to carry around in their feet or beak.

Ribbon wood

Common in New Zealand, this wood is fun to stand on and just as fun to chew on.

Rose wood

Has a varied texture Parrots like to explore.


This fine wood is strong with an uneven texture your bird can investigate.


It contains natural asprin to keep your Parrot fit and healthy.

Please remember that wood sprayed with chemicals or insecticides will make them unsafe for your bird.

Do you have any recommendations of non-toxic branches?

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