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No Vain, No Gain! How Pampering Your Parrot Can Keep Them Happy

No Vain, No Gain! How Pampering Your Parrot Can Keep Them Happy

Posted by Pampering, Parrot baths, Parrot showers on 26/1/2024

Here is how pampering your Parrot can help them.

We know how much you want your Parrot to look their best, as the vibrant coloured feathers of Conures, Amazons and Macaws can easily become dull and tatty looking. Here’s some of the products that help your feathered friend look their best.

The hooded design helps to stop water going everywhere and helps your bird feel secure. The wood perch fits across the entrance so your Parrot can enter and exit safely, and the metal brackets allow the bath to be hung inside or outside of their cage.

Shower Perches

Your Parrot’s natural instincts are fairly strong and in their natural habitat they’d use tropical mists to bathe in then spend time preening. Using a shower perch in the bathroom allows your Parrot to enjoy the warm mist from the shower so you can pamper them.

Shower perches provide a comfortable place to perch and fasten onto flat surfaces like windows, tiles and mirrors using powerful suction cups, making them ideal for using as perching places around your home.

Bathing Sprays

Rainforest Mist Sprays are scented and suitable for daily use. They are highly effective at cleaning your Parrot’s feathers and revitalizing their skin, replacing any moisture lost during the day.

If your Parrot needs a little more help getting clean try offering King’s Feather Shine Shampoo or Opti Plume. Suitable for Parrots of all ages, it brings the shine back to your Parrot’s feathers and reduces dry itchy skin which in turn can help prevent feather plucking.


Misters are fantastic, they produce a fine mist of water that you can spray over your bird, like a tropical mist. Some are a trigger action, whilst others are pumped up to build pressure before releasing a longer spray of mist.


Sometimes there are cases when your Parrot over preens or over plucks their feathers if they need pampering.

Pluck No More is one of the most revolutionary products available for feather plucking and feather picking birds.

The incredible results that using Pluck Mo More brings (calmer birds, reduced feather plucking and picking and less biting) is sure to help your Parrot’s overall wellbeing.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Many vitamin and mineral supplements can complement your Parrot’s grooming routine. Feather conditioning supplements like Feather-up has vitamins and minerals that boost feather growth so your Parrot always looks brilliant.

Sanded Perches

Sanded perches target your Parrot’s feet. The rough sand coating is comfortable for your Parrot to stand on yet still wears down your bird’s nails, just as tree bark would in the wild. This is less stressful for your Parrot, and it means no more challenging visits to the vets for nail clipping and the expensive bills that come with it.

So as you can see, many of our products have benefits for you and your Parrot and support you in pampering them. Help your Parrot look their best with our wide choice of grooming products.

These products are designed to help your Parrot stay fit, healthy and looking great, but they are no substitute for speaking to an avian vet if you are concerned about your Parrot’s health.