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Meet Zorro the Black-headed Caique

Meet Zorro the Black-headed Caique

Posted by Zorro The Black-headed Caique, Meet My Parrot, Caique Parrot, Parrot Ownership on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Zorro the Black-headed Caique.

For this month’s Meet My Parrot we’re meeting Zorro the Black-headed Caique. This was originally published in our catalogue in 2013.

What species of Parrot do you have?

He’s a Black-headed Caique

What’s his name?


How long have you had Zorro?

We’ve had him since October 2012.

Zorro the Caique

What’s Zorro’s favourite food?

His favourite pellet is the ZuPreem Medium.

What about treats?

He likes the Naturals Parrot Delight, he likes a bit of it mixed in with his pellets. Other than that he loves his fresh fruit.

Does he have any favourite toys?

He’ll play with anything! As long as he can get hold of it and chew it, from Macaw toys right the way through to Amazon toys, right the way through to toys that are even too small for him! He’s not a skittish sort of bird.

Does he have any favourite games he likes to play?

He likes to wrestle with your hand, if that makes any sense?! He doesn’t get horribly bitey, he just goes into that play mode where he knows how deep he’s going, and will know when to not bite hard. It’s hard to explain but it’s a nice game.

Does he speak?

He wolf-whistles/ And he does the calling over part first, the wolf-whistle after the calling over is just to show off.

Zorro the Caique

Are there any funny stories about Zorro?

Not really, he’s just happy-go-lucky, and loves being out, and he’s a lovely bird and there isn’t a bad bone in his body, we’ve been so lucky with him. He’s just a very loving bird which obviously makes you very guilty minded when you haven’t got time to get him out because theirs other things getting in the way.

Other than that he’s quite spoilt really, he’s in a 5 ½ foot cage so he doesn’t have a bad life.

Have you any advice for first time owners?

Yes, if you’re a terrible guilty conscious person then don’t keep one!

Zorro the Caique

Why is that?

Because with a Parrot you can never do enough for it. Their always out and playing with them – especially Caique Parrots. Even though they are quite small they can still have demanding characters, so they need the one-to-one, and the attention and the playfulness.

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