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Meet Triss the Green-cheeked Conure

Meet Triss the Green-cheeked Conure

Posted by Green-cheeked Conure, Conure Parrot, Conures on 26/1/2024

Becca Hill tells us about Triss the Green-cheeked Conure.

Tell us about Triss

Triss is a Pineapple Green cheek-Conure. This is a small species from a wide area of South America. She is nearly 7 years old and we have had her since she was 8 weeks old. Triss came from a breeder of Green-cheeks who had a good reputation and made sure that the birds were going to a good home. She is hand reared and very sociable.

Triss has a cage companion who is also a Green-cheek. Her name is Ciri.

Triss loves all of us in her "flock". She has the nickname from me of velociraptor as she has the habit of stealthily jumping out on me like she is hunting.

Why did you choose a Green-cheek?

We chose a Green-cheek as a species as they are a big personality in a small bird. They are also one of the quieter Conure species and very loyal to their humans. We have 2 young children so a smaller Parrot is more suitable for our family.

What is her favourite food?

Triss loves almonds. This is her absolute favourite thing to eat and she will always go for them first if she finds them in the food dish. She loves her fruit as well, particularly berries that she can make a lot of mess with.

Does she have any favourite toys?

She is not a big fan of toys now she is older but when she was a baby she used to have a little Lego house with a treasure chest inside that we used to hide treats in for a bit of stimulation.

Does she have any games she likes to play?

Her favourite game is playing dinosaur and sneaking up on the family. She does this for attention and for a fuss. She loves preening hair and having her head scratched.

Do you have any advice for new Parrot owners?

My advice for a new Parrot owner is that you have got to treat your bird like they are an energetic toddler. They need a lot of fuss, love and affection.

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