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Meet Squidge The Senegal

Meet Squidge The Senegal

Posted by meet my parrot, Senegal Parrot on 9/1/2024

Thanks to Rebecca Davis for telling us about her Senegal Squidge.

This is Squidge, 13-year-old male Senegal.

Why did you choose a Senegal?

I wasn’t looking to adopt a Senegal specifically; I just fell for him the first time we met.

He is so affectionate and has bags of personality but can also be a bit of a demon when the mood takes him ?

What is Squidge’s favourite food?

His favourite foods are corn on the cob, edamame beans, sugar snap peas, NutriBerries, walnuts and green tea.

Does Squidge have any favourite toys?

He really enjoys extracting treats from his forage feeder ball and loves chewing any rubbery toys such as the mini croc shoes or the binky balls (he is also fond of tv remote buttons and my fob watch!)

Does Squidge have any favourite games?

We always play the ‘doink’ game.. it’s like peekaboo.. I will hide and poke my head out and he will copy me; bobbing his head up and down when I duck down to hide. He gets so excited and makes his ‘doink’ noise. ?

Does Squidge speak?

He doesn’t speak human words be we can communicate just fine in our own language!

I’ve had Squidge for 8 years so I can read him and his body language and sounds like a book!

Do you have advice for new Parrot owners?

My advice for new Parrot owners would be to ensure you are providing the best diet you can!

A correct, balanced diet is the most important thing you can do for your companion Parrot.

We have learnt so much about correct nutrition and know that we can do so much better than simply providing a basic and inappropriate seed based diet!

Look into pelleted diets and research home made diets. You have a duty to choose what is right and what is easy!

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