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Meet Siquo the African Grey

Meet Siquo the African Grey

Posted by Siquo the African Grey, African Greys, African Grey Parrots on 26/1/2024

Say hello to Siquo the African Grey

Another month, another very entertaining bird for you to meet in our Meet My Parrot series. This time we’re meeting Siquo the African Grey and her owner Tracey Deacon.

Over to Tracey to tell us about Siquo.

My Parrot is an African Grey. Her name is Siquo. She’s 17 years now and it wasn’t until recently we found out he was a she as she laid us an egg.

We decided on a Grey as we knew they were good talkers.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Her favourite toy is her paper roll and swing. She talks an awful lot and sometimes burps very loud but she does say excuse me. She only likes me and gives me lots of kisses and also tries to feed me. She's very jealous and demands our attention, and if it’s not given throws all her food out of the cage.

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