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Meet My Parrot: Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon

Meet My Parrot: Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon

Posted by Amazon Parrots, Blue-fronted Amazon on 15/1/2024

In the next part of our Meet My Parrot series we meet Oscar the Blue-fronted Amazon and his owner Brandon Faustino. Over to Brandon…

Tell us about Oscar
Oscar is a Blue fronted Amazon who was 8 months on Friday February 24th.

He came home in December and has settled in quite quickly and built up a large vocabulary with his favourite word being "Hello."

I've uploaded a few videos of him on his YouTube channel (Oscar The Amazon and Friends) and he is also on Instagram as Oscar_Amazon, He loves to go outside wearing his flight suit or sometimes his harness.

Why did you choose a Blue-fronted Amazon?
I've always liked Amazons but never thought I'd own one as I didn't know much about them. I saw a few different types for sale and I did some research and decided I wanted a Blue-fronted Amazon.

What is Oscar’s favourite food?
He loves pumpkin seeds and he rarely gets any seed so he's always excited for them and he also loves his veg and fruit.

Does Oscar have any favourite toys?
Oscar loves to play with the bell on his boing and baby links. .

Does he have any games he likes to play?
We sometimes play peekaboo and talk to each other and I roll him on his back and play.

Does Oscar speak?
Oscar can say a lot.

Do you have advice for new Parrot owners?
My advice to new owners would be to do a lot of research on the species and Parrots in general and if it's possible go and meet a few different species and try to adopt.

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