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Meet Mango the Plum-headed Parakeet

Meet Mango the Plum-headed Parakeet

Posted by Meet my Parrot, Plum-headed Parakeet, learn about Plum-headed Parakeets on 9/1/2024

Say hello to Mango the Plum-headed Parakeet.

In the latest in our Meet My Parrot series, we meet Brandon Faustino and his large flock.

Tell us about your Parrot

Mango is a Male Plum Headed Parakeet and is around 3 years old, He came home with me in November and I have uploaded videos of him and the rest of the flock on YouTube and also on Instagram. Mango loves to go outdoors and explore especially at the park.

Why did you choose a Plum Headed Parakeet?

There are now 4 Parrots living in our house, An African Grey named Tiko who we have had since a chick. She is 8 years old now and two Cockatiels, Rocko and Loki, both 2 years old and now Mango. I wasn’t looking for a Plum Headed Parakeet, I had never even heard of the species but I saw him with lots of Cockatiels and I did some research on the species and decided I wanted to take him home and so I did.

What is his favourite food?

Mango has many favourite foods such as grapes, apple, corn and of course mangos.

Does he have any favourite toys?

Mango the Blue-headed Parakeet doesn’t seem to play very much but he does like to climb.

Does he have any games he likes to play?

I haven’t taught him any tricks or games yet but Tiko is learning to sort her colours that she got from Northern Parrots for her birthday as well as lots of other fun toys.

Does he speak?

Tiko talks a lot and knows what she is saying too and Mango can say a few words such as pretty bird and hello, and also the wolf whistle he learned from a fiery shouldered Conure named Milo.

Do you have advice for new Parrot owners?

My advice for new owners would be to do a good amount of research on the species you are hoping to get and try adopt and look for a healthy bird. Parrots are for life and they are a commitment.

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