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Meet My Parrot: Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon

Meet My Parrot: Jesspy the Blue-fronted Amazon

Posted by Amazon Parrots, Blue-fronted Amazon on 15/1/2024

We’d like to introduce Jesspy who is an 8 month old Blue-fronted Amazon. Jesspy lives with her mum, Corinne Finlay. Over to Corinne who answered our questions.

Why choose a Blue-fronted Amazon?
I’ve always loved birds, and as a child I had a small green Parakeet. During a holiday trip last July to Porto Santo, I met a beautiful Blue-fronted Amazon, who I adored. After some research we purchased Jesspy last September from a reputable breeder. Blue-fronted Amazons are excellent talkers and make great companion Parrots. Jesspy is full of character and loves attention especially a head and chin rub.

What is Jesspy's favourite food?
Jesspy enjoys a varied diet and really likes her fruit, however she adores mashed potato and as well as covering her face in it, she makes a delightful mmmmmm sound while eating it!

Does she have any favourite toys?
Jesspy is a very active Parrot, and has an array of Parrot toys. She has recently had a new stacking toy, where she can remove the shaped counters and if she persists put one or two of them back on the pegs. But her favourite toy is a set of thin leather straps with twigs, beads or food tied to the ends, she gets engrossed in untying the goodies which I vary from day to day. .

Does Jesspy have any games she likes to play?
She loves whistling along to a variety of music, and will happily sit on my shoulder watching the animals in wildlife programmes. Jesspy also enjoys a warm spray shower where she flaps her wings and bobs her head up and down. But she really enjoys sitting on the front room door handle playing peekaboo.

Does she speak?
Jesspy is starting to mimic sounds and whistles, so far she can say 'hello', 'bubble' and 'clever girl'. She can also laugh, woolf whistle, nod for yes and high 5. She has learnt to step up and go potty on command. She will happily sit on her day perch trying out new sounds and whistles.

Any advice for new Parrot owners?
I have found with Jesspy that routine is crucial to help maintain discipline. I would also advise new owners to handle their Parrot daily, get them used to you touching their feet, feathers and wings. As part of Jesspy's play I encourage her to lay on her back in my hand, I'm able to check her all over to ensure she remains healthy. One final word of caution if you’re going to nod off in their presence be prepared to lose your buttons!