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Meet Buddy the Harlequin Macaw

Meet Buddy the Harlequin Macaw

Posted by Harlequin Macaw, hybrid Harlequin Macaw on 19/7/2018

Say hello to Buddy the Harlequin Macaw. 

We’ve never met a Harlequin Macaw in our Meet My Parrot series before, so we were delighted to meet Buddy the Harlequin Macaw. His owner Samantha Ames tells us all about him.

Harlequin Macaw

Buddy is a male hybrid Harlequin Macaw and was hatched on the 3rd July 2017. Mummy and Daddy met Buddy in October 2017 and instantly fell in love.

Mummy (Sam) and Daddy (Ash) had gone to meet a wonderful breeder called Sue with the intention of meeting her Macaw babies and seeing how well they interacted, but within minutes of being in the room they both spotted Buddy sitting happy in his little baby box, head held high and silently staring at them.

The room was a buzz with noise, five African Greys in one corner, five newborn Blue and Golds in another, three older (and louder) Green-wings in a cage amongst at least 30 other birds. Chirps, hello’s and lots of happy screams filled the room, but Buddy was in his box sitting on top of his friend yawning and didn’t break eye contact once.


Mummy and daddy spent around an hour holding birds and discussing options with Sue, slowly the birds all quietly settled down and started to nap, but Buddy didn’t move an inch. It was almost like Buddy picked them and the rush of love they all felt the first time they gave Buddy a head scratch felt like fate.


without even planning it, the deposit was paid and the countdown began!

Buddy is now 6 months old and has the funniest personality, he’s picked up hello in at least 10 different tones and absolutely loves to laugh, especially when he’s laying on his back getting tummy tickles!


Buddy absolutely loves cuddles, day or night and with anyone, his favourite thing to do is curl up, suck his thumb and be cuddled! The second best thing is being given a whole walnut, cracking the shell and digging out the goodies makes Buddy’s eyes pin and his face blush – it’s a real treat!

Buddy has his very own Instagram @BuddyTheMacaw and when he’s not being photographed and hassled by Mummy, he’s usually swinging from his ropes or tearing apart his paper rolls.

Buddy is a baby still so he has so much learning to do, but he loves having fun and getting as much attention as possible.

Mummy and daddy’s advice for new Parrot owners; always do your research, make sure you can commit your time, life and bank balance to your baby. They need the world but in return, you will be given the world. The smiles can’t be priced, the cuddles are worth more than money and the companionship you get will change your life forever.

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