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Meet Billy The Service Bird

Meet Billy The Service Bird

Posted by Service birds, Conure, Conures, service Conure, Conure helping with epilepsy on 9/1/2024

We were lucky enough to chat with one of customers Allan about his service bird Billy. Allan has a flock of Budgies and a four-year-old Pineapple Green-cheeked Conure named Billy.

Allan has owned Billy since he was a chick. He was hand reared and raised by a breeder.

Meet Billy The Service Bird

Allan suffers from epilepsy and Billy sends out a special call and behaves differently a short while before Allan suffers from a seizure. This gives him chance to get to a safe place and take his tablets.

Allan thinks that most Parrots could be taught to be service birds, as they’re so intelligent.

Billy reminds Allan to take his medication. He wakes Allan up at 6.45am every morning to remind him to take his tablets. Allan previously had a Turquoise Green-cheeked Conure named Buddy, who alerted Allan before he suffered a seizure as well and Allan’s friend has a bird named Baby who does the same thing.

Billy travels with Allan to medical appointments. Allan had to get special permission from his MP and the hospital for Billy to travel with him.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Allan says Billy is an excellent friend and companion, Billy helps to reduce stress and anxiety on the hospital visits. Billy has a special travel cage for travelling in for these visits.

Billy is an incredibly inquisitive bird. He likes nibbling on things and hiding inside shirts and up sleeves and flying around Allan’s flat. Billy loves passion fruit and gets along well with the other birds in the home; Alan’s friend’s bird Baby the Amazon and the flock of Budgies.