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How We Helped The Children's Adventure Farm Trust

How We Helped The Children's Adventure Farm Trust

Posted by Children's Adventure Farm Trust on 26/1/2024

Find out how we helped The Children's Adventure Farm Trust.

Here at Northern Parrots, we do our best to support good causes whenever we can.

Recently, one of our customer services team visited the Children's Adventure Farm Trust, with their young family.

Located in the Cheshire countryside, the Trust supports youngsters and their families by providing them with fun opportunities.

During their visit the children really enjoyed watching the various birds in the aviary. Our colleague asked if there was anything we could do to provide the birds with some new goodies to enjoy, so they had more to play on, swing about from or fly between, ensuring other children who visited could enjoy watching the birds too.

How could we refuse?!

After contacting the Children's Adventure Farm Trust, and working with them to see which of our Parrot products their birds would best enjoy. We arranged for some food and a selection of climbing and wood and rope toys to be sent out

The Trust kindly provided some photos of the aviary, which you can see below…

The spacious aviary is in the outside of the farm. Budgies, Finches, Cockatiels, three golden pheasants and a dove live inside.

And here it is transformed

About the Trust

Within the site there is a farmhouse to enjoy meals, accessible apartments, BBQ area, adventure playground, sports hall, games room, music room, art room, multi-sensory room, soft play area, UV area, sensory therapy room, sensory garden, and galleon.

Other furry friends you can visit at the Trust are alpacas, goats, donkeys and sheep.

They work with children 17 and under. All their programmes are free and every child can take part, no matter what their abilities. It gives terminally ill, disabled and socially disadvantaged children a break away from their home circumstances.

Find out more about the Trust on their website here.

Have you ever visited a park like this? Let us know in the comments.