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Go Cook For Your Parrot On November 1st

Go Cook For Your Parrot On November 1st

Posted by Go Cook For Your Parrot, Parrot food, Bird food on 25/1/2024

It’s time to put on those oven gloves and dig out the chopping board, as November 1st is Go Cook For Your Pet Day, so get cooking for your Parrot.

Here all the foods you can cook.

Dot Schwarz likes cooking for her Parrots too.

The day was started by They want people to give their companions more attention to their diet and to them in general. They think their pets deserve it, and we agree.

Food for your Parrot

Here are some foods you can cook for your Parrot. Please remember when cooking that overheated non-stick cookware releases fumes that are toxic to pet birds and Parrots.

The Instant Rice and Fruit Mix has assorted fruits, peanuts and coconuts. Mix it with boiling water at a ratio of 1:1 and allow it to cool before serving. Your Parrot is sure to enjoy this easy to prepare mix.

The Instant Pasta Treat is suitable for most bird types too. Again all you need to do is mix it with boiling water and then let it cool before serving it to your Parrot.

There are two more beak-wateringly good flavours of noodles for you to choose from.

The Hawaiian Sweet Noodle Mix contain pasta, papaya, pineapple and raisins and other ingredients whilst the Mexican Spicy Noodle Mix has more vegetables such as peas, beans and carrots.


Both noodle mixes microwave in minutes. All you need to do is pour the contents of the sachet into a microwavable bowl, add 50ml of water, mix well and then heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. Once it’s cooled you can serve it up to your Parrot.

The Gourmet Classic Quick Cook Veggie Treat has lots of scrumptious vegetables such as peas, leek and kidney beans. Mix in boiled or hot water and within a few minutes the soft and healthy meal will be ready for your Parrot to eat. Give each bird you own a couple of spoonfuls.

The Harrison’s Bird Bread comes in a selection of flavours.

The flavours come with instructions for you to dish up the lovely mix. Put simply, all you need to do is add an egg, oil and some water and then pop it in the oven. It can be enjoyed by birds of all ages, from chicks to adults.

Let us know in the comments what you enjoy cooking for your Parrot and what their favourites are.

PS If you don’t fancy cooking for your Parrot, then we have lots of readymade Parrot food for you to choose from here