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Find Out More About Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Find Out More About Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Posted by Pet obesity on 25/1/2024

Learn more about Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 14th is the day to tackle the hefty issue of weight, as it's Pet Obesity Awareness Day. It's organised by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

The ideal weight of your Parrot depends on the species themselves. Speak to your local vet, who should be able to advise you on the correct weight for your feathered friend.

But obviously if your Parrot is overweight it can affect their wellbeing. They’ll find it harder to move around, play and generally be the active Parrot they love to be.

Simple things you can do include not overfilling your Parrot’s feeding dish so they don’t have access to too much food and making sure your Parrot has plenty of spaces to exercise, inside and outside of their cage.


Learning to fly can help a Parrot become fitter, so why not introduce your bird to a harness so they can fly safely?

Another important point is any sudden increases or decreases in your Parrot’s weight could be a sign of illness. As prey animals Parrots don’t like to show any outward signs that something is wrong. Checking on their weight is a useful way of spotting the early symptoms of a serious illness. Use our scales (accurate to within one gram) to weigh your Parrot on a regular basis.

Again, if you are concerned about your Parrot’s weight in any way we recommend you speak to an avian vet. Our blog lists avian vets across the UK and abroad.

Let us know how you manage your Parrot's weight in the comments section below.