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Find An Avian Vet

Find An Avian Vet

Posted by Find An Avian Vet, Parrot Vet Near Me, RCVS on 8/12/2023

As discussed in Liz Wilson’s article “Choosing an Avian Vet” there are several ways of finding a good avian vet, not least of which is personal recommendation. As we wouldn’t want to miss out good Avian vets we’re not acquainted with, we’ve instead provided a list of vets with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Zoo Medicine qualification.

The Certificate in Zoo Medicine is an additional specialised qualification in treating birds and other “exotics”. Vets who have obtained this qualification will have CertZooMed after their name. Vets can choose, through further experience and study, to increase this to a Diploma (DZooMed), or, the highest of all, a fellowship (FRCVS) plus RCVS Recognised Specialist Status.

This doesn’t mean vets without this qualification aren’t suitable to treat birds, they may be extremely experienced and capable, it just means they don’t have the above qualification at the time of writing.

Please choose an area of the country to show a list of vets – bear in mind you may need to travel!