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Do You Know How To Avoid This Parrot Food Nightmare

Do You Know How To Avoid This Parrot Food Nightmare

Posted by Parrot Food, Parrot Feeding, Parrot Nutrition, Parrot Diet Advice on 9/1/2024

Like you, we always want to make sure your Parrot’s favourite food is in stock and ready for them to enjoy. However, occasionally supplies can run low or even run out entirely.

What a nightmare! Especially if your feathered friend is only ever fed the same food day in, day out, and the next time you try to order it isn’t available.

That is why we recommend you work with your Parrot so they will readily accept two or more brands of the main foods that they eat and ensure you keep at least two brands of your Parrot’s favourite food available at any given time.


Here are recommendations from two reputable Avian Vets:

Avian vet Aidan Rafferty of Ashleigh Veterinary Centre agrees, “It is a good idea as it’s not uncommon if their normal brand is unavailable that they will not eat an alternative.”

This way, you can be sure your Parrot will always have a nutritious meal, even if another one isn’t available or you run out of one of the brands.

Your chosen food brands do not have to be anything vastly different from one another; for example, if you feed Harrison’s pellets as your bird’s main diet, you could introduce TOP’s pellets. Both foods are Organic. Another option would be ZuPreem Natural, which has the same tan colour.

When speaking with Avian vet Sheryl Calway of Oakmount Veterinary Centre she also agreed that “This is a good idea.”

Sheryl shared some further advice which we agree can help out in this scenario “In addition to any commercial diet, I also recommend lots of safe human food, fruit, veg etc. Plus, I advise having the bird/s eat with the human family at the table, as they would flock feed naturally.”

If your Parrot eats mainly one type of food, pellets or seeds for example we’d suggest trying to add more variety to help provide a more nutritionally balanced diet – check out our blog on this topic here.

Introducing a new food isn’t always easy, you’ll find lots of advice on introducing your Parrot to a new food here.

Alternatively, our friendly customer services team are on hand to offer assistance on 0800 488 0345 or email info @

Do you have any suggestions on getting your Parrot to eat more then one pellet?