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Celebrate National Conure Day

Celebrate National Conure Day

Posted by Parrot Days, National Conure Day, Conure Parrots, Conure Care on 9/1/2024

It’s time to celebrate the wonderful Conure with us on June 15th on National Conure Day. See below for all the information you need to know about the day.

Conure Parrot

Save the date and tell all your friends! Get involved with all our Conure Day celebrations today by using the #ConureDay in all your posts and replies. It’s a change of date from last year, so even more people can get involved.

Special Offers

Here are the special offers we’ll be celebrating with.

Save 25% on the TOP’s Marlene Small Parrot Mix, was £19.99, now £14.99.

Save over 20% on Lafeber Fruit Delight AviCakes, were £8.99, now £6.99.

Save 25% on the Bagel Barrel, was £10.99, now £8.24.

Save 20% on the Mangrove Perch, was £10.99, now £8.79.

All year round though we sell products for both Small and Large Conures.

We have lots of exciting toys for your Conure to play with, including foraging toys, musical toys, foot toys, activity and trick toys and of course chewable toys.

At mealtimes, ensure your Conure is tucking into a well balanced diet with our delicious Conure food. We have seed mixes, complete food, treats and breeding and handfeeding food.Conure Parrot

At night, your Conure can sleep in one of our spacious cages. We have three kinds of style available, open top, play top and solid top.

Keep your Conure looking and feeling healthy with our great choice of supplements.

Then for everything else you could possibly want for your Small or Large Conure, visit our accessories page. On here there are perches, lights, feeding dishes and lots more.

But how much do you know about Conures? Rosemary Low has written this useful fact sheets on four of the most common Conure species, Nanday Conures, Sun Conures, Patagonian Conures and Green-Cheeked Conures.

These fact sheets explain everything you could wish to know about that particular breed of Conure, including what they eat, their appearance, where they live in the wild and their suitability as pets.

We hope you enjoy celebrating National Conure Day with us.

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