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Caique Parrot Toy Guide

Caique Parrot Toy Guide

Posted by Parrot Toys, Parrot Toy Guides, Types of Parrot Toys, Parrot Toy Advice on 7/8/2018

Caique Parrots are clever creatures and need a good selection of toys to stop them suffering from birdie boredom. Take a look at some of the most popular and highly rated toys for your Caique.

Foraging Toys

The reusable Buffet Party Ball can easily be filled with all your Caique’s favourite food, treats or materials, Hand it over or hang it up and watch as your bird figures out how to retrieve them through the openings.

Buffet Party Ball

Three different holes have been pre-cut to help your Caique get started with the Pack of 2 Foraging Boxes. They must be shredded and chewed in order to recover the goodies inside.

The Groovy Dancer Toy can be filled with rewards for your clever Caique to retrieve.

Wood and Rope Toys

Give Caiques hours of chewing pleasure. Wood is instinctively chewed, helping to keep your Caique’s beak healthy and trim. Ropes provide lots of fibres your bird can use for preening with and unravelling.

The Jumble Stacks is made up of coloured wood slats, ABC blocks and cotton rope, perfect for keeping beaks healthy.

The Coloured Stacker has a dozen colourful wood slats which your Parrot can chew on and move around. It even has a bell on the end for musical fun.

The Preening Arch has ABC blocks and soft cotton fibres for preening with. Providing material your Parrot can use for preening with can help reduce unwanted feather destructive behaviours.

Cardboard and Paper Toys

Cardboard is fun to shred, rip and break into smaller chunks, and Parrots adore the sound it makes as they tear it apart too.

Handy and versatile, Birdie Bangles and Parrot Pipes provide layers of tightly rolled cardboard that Caiques love to peel apart and shred. See the full range here.

The Stacks of Shredding has many large corrugated cardboard and wood pieces to tear through. You can even hide small treats inside too.

Stacks of Shredding Toy

Willow and Palm Toys

Fun for your Caique to chew on, forage in and unravel.

The Vine Ball Tree is full of colourful woven vine balls, just waiting to be crunched.

Coconut and Cactus Toys

Have dozens of fibres your Parrot can use for picking at and preening with, perfect for keeping beaks busy.

There is also a selection of Bird Kabobs, made from agave or cactus wood. The shreddable inner core is protected by a wooden bark that your Parrot must chew.

Acrylic and Metal Toys

Like the Super Star Toy are strong to withstand all levels of playtime. Hide small tit-bits inside for your bird to manoeuvre out again.

Super Star Toy

Foot Toys

Are made for your Caique to pick up and move around in their feet or beak. This gives them physical stimulation as they play.

Your Caique is sure to love the Woven Paper Sticks. They come in packs of 12, so your Caique can unweave, chew and shred them.

The Sneaker Foot Toy has laces to untie and cotton fabric to pick and chew.

Swings and Climbing Toys

The Sisal Rope and Log Bridge is more than just a bridge, it’s a ladder and climbing wall as well. Hanging it diagonally turns it into a hammock and downwards creates a ramp.

Boings have long lengths of rope in a bouncy design, letting your Caique climb and exercise on it.

Bells and Musical Toys

Are useful for noise-loving Parrots. The Buffet Ball with Bell is made from tough polycarbonate, then you can fill it with other noisy parts for your Parrot to turn up the volume levels.

The Birdy Babble Ball makes interesting sounds as your Caique plays.

Activity and Trick Toys

Provide your Caique with physical and mental stimulation. With the Teacher Toy they can learn colours and numbers and with the Mimic Me they can master simple words and phrases.

Teacher Toy

Toy Packs

Unsure which toys to try your Caique with first? Then opt for one of our Toy Packs. These contain lots of different toys at a great value low price – sometimes saving you up to 50% on single RRP’s.

Please Note

You’ll know your Parrot best, please choose toys that you feel are suitable for your Caique’s level of destruction. As with anything new it can take some time for your Caique Parrot to accept a new toy. Introduce new toys slowly. Place it some distance away from your Parrot at first, then bring it closer to them as they become more confident.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your Caique we offer a 90-day money back guarantee – click here for details

Always supervise your Caique during playtime. Regularly maintain toys, especially ropes or fibres. Remove if you feel it poses a hazard to your bird.

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