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Caique Parrot Feeding Guide

Caique Parrot Feeding Guide

Posted by Caique Parrot feeding guide, feeding your Caique Parrot, feeding your parrot, Caique Parrot food on 9/1/2024

Here is our Caique Parrot feeding guide.

Like with all Parrots, your Caique’s diet should be as varied as possible. We suggest using a complete or pelleted food as a base diet, approximately 60-80%, with the remainder of the diet comprising of vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds plus other treats.

Complete and Pelleted Food

This provides your Caique with all the nutrition they need in their diet.

Kaytee Exact Rainbow is recognised by avian vets as being one of the best foods. It contains Omega 3 which helps your bird’s heart, brain and eyes.

Lafeber NutriBerries have been developed by Lafeber and contain 40 essential nutrients birds need. 5 yummy flavours are available, Original, Tropical Fruit, El Paso, Garden Veggie and Sunny Orchard.

Pack of 4 NutriBerries

Sprouting Seed / Soaking Seed

Let you cook up a tasty and nutritious meal for your Parrot. Simply let it soak for a couple of days in warm winter, rinsing occasionally, then serve soaking seed up to your feathered friend.


Provide your Caique with wholesome vitamins and minerals. These are kale, broccoli, sprouts, spinach and carrot are all readily accepted.


Fun to eat and super tasty they are packed full of vitamins for your bird’s overall wellbeing. Offer chopped up in a bowl or place on a fruit skewer. Remember to remove any uneaten fruit after a couple of hours. Popular fruits include…


Aren’t the boring mixes they used to be. They contain a range of ingredients to keep mealtimes interesting.

Parrot Premium Professional has been developed to our exact requirements with beak-wateringly good foods inside like rowanberries and melon seeds.

Parrot Seed


Caiques enjoy many types of nuts, but may need help cracking open those with harder shells such as walnuts.

  • Walnuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Cedar nuts
  • Palm nuts

Other Treats

Should only be given occasionally, perhaps as a reward during training sessions or to reward them for other good behaviours.

Palm Nut Fruit Extract Oil is a delicious treat for all Parrots. It’s a useful supplement for breeding Caiques and helps to improve feather condition.

Other tasty treats include Parrot Cafe, Bird Greens and Sugar Cane. See all suitable treats here.

Watch your Caique enjoy some of the finest ingredients nature has to offer with Parrot Cafe Treats. Each recipe has been made with only all natural ingredients such as red palm oil, honey, elderberry, plus a variety of fruits, seeds and vegetables. With lots of delightful treats to choose from there is something for every Parrot.

Parrot Cafe Treats

Please Note
We would always advise buying the smallest bag/pack possible to trial your Parrot with. It can take some time and persistence to introduce a new food. It may be worth having a second bowl of water next to your Caique’s food bowl, as many enjoy dunking their food before eating it. Always have fresh water available.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your Caique, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee – click here for details

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