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Book Review: Parrots and Finches - Healthy Nutrition by Rosemary Low

Book Review: Parrots and Finches - Healthy Nutrition by Rosemary Low

Posted by Parrot and Finches, Parrot Book Review, Healthy Nutrition on 23/1/2024

Here is our book review of Parrots and Finches - Healthy Nutrition

I was lucky enough to be able to take home a copy of Rosemary Low’s book, Parrots and Finches - Healthy Nutrition for the weekend.


At 165 pages it’s just the right length to read in full over a couple of days. Although it is such a useful book you should constantly be referring back to it.

Each chapter is no more than 10 pages long, so you can easily read a couple at a time, before going away and picking it back up again later (although I read it in one sitting.)

The 19 chapters cover different aspects of feeding your Parrot. It starts off with the basics, explaining seeds and proteins, before going onto more specialised subjects such as growing your own foods and ideal foods for young birds.

The book is easy to follow and includes over 30 beautiful photographs that perfectly illustrate the points Rosemary Low is making. All the terms are explained first which is really helpful, particularly for more scientific terminology.


Rosemary goes in depth on more popular foods. This is useful, particularly the question and answer section.

It would have been nice if Rosemary had included a few more recipes to show what makes a good Parrot blend, particularly in the chapter on sprouting seeds. There were sections explaining what particular Parrot species should be eating.

Scattered throughout the book are handy tips and tables all Parrot owners should take note of.

This is a really interesting read for all bird owners. From beginner bird keeper to expert aviculturist, there’s truly is something for everyone.

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