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African Grey Parrot Feeding Guide

African Grey Parrot Feeding Guide

Posted by African Grey Feeding Guide, Parrot Treats, African Grey Food on 14/3/2019

Check out this useful guide to feeding your African Grey Parrot.

Keep Your African Grey's Diet As Varied As Possible

Like with all Parrots, your African Grey’s diet should be as varied as possible, we suggest using a complete or pelleted food as a base diet, approximately 60-80% of their daily intake, with the remainder of the diet comprising of vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds plus other treats.

African Grey with food

Complete and Pelleted Food


Kaytee Exact Rainbow Parrot is recognised by avian vets as being one of the best complete Parrot foods. This 100% consumable diet contains Omega-3 and other high-quality ingredients that provide better feathering, brighter colouring and maintain your Parrot’s overall good health.

Pretty Bird

Pretty Bird African Grey Special has been designed especially for African species. It has the benefit of added calcium to keep your Grey fit and well.


Lafeber NutriBerries – created by Lafeber and contain 40 essential nutrients your bird needs. Available in 5 flavours – OriginalTropicalSunny OrchardEl PasoGarden Veggie.

Pack of 4 NutriBerries

Sprouting Seed / Soaking Seed

High in nutritional content, proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and low in fat.

Prepare a delicious meal for your Parrot with sprouting seed. Simply soak for a couple of days, rinse and serve.


Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale and spinach are readily enjoyed by most African Greys. Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale and spinach are readily enjoyed by most African Greys. Remember to remove any uneaten veggies after a couple of hours.

Looking for a more convenient way to introduce veggies to your Parrot – take a look at our vegetable crunch mix.


Fruits have many of the vitamins Parrots need every day too. You can offer fresh fruit, either cut up and placed in a food bowl, or fastening them to a fruit skewer.

Remember to remove any uneaten fruit after a couple of hours.

Alternatively, for convenience and less mess you can offer dried fruits which hold nearly the same nutritional content as fresh. Popular fruits include:


Parrot Premium Professional Seed is one of the most nutritious seed diets around. This tasty mix has been developed to our exact standards and contains rowan berries, elderberries, melon seed and more. It even has added extruded pellets in case your Parrot is missing any nutrition elsewhere in their diet.

Sprouting Seed is adored too.


Parrots loves nuts, they are great for adding to their daily diet and hiding in foraging toys as a reward. Popular nuts include:

 African Grey with a nut

Other Treats

Other tasty treats your African Grey Parrot can enjoy tucking into include Vitapol Treat Sticks.

Please Note:

We would always advise buying the smallest bag/pack possible to trial your Parrot with. It can take some time and persistence to introduce a new food. It may be worth having a second bowl of water next to you Grey’s food bowl, as many enjoy dunking their food before eating it. Always have fresh water available.

African Greys have a particular requirement for calcium, take a look at these easy to use supplements.

We believe in the quality of our products, but should you received a product that you feel doesn’t suit your African Grey, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee – click here for details

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