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About Xtra Vital

About Xtra Vital

Posted by Xtra-Vital, Beapher, Parrot Food, Parrot Seed Mixes, on 23/1/2024

Find out more about Xtra Vital.

Xtra Vital is owned by the Beaphar company. Beaphar was founded by Bernard Aa Phar during World War 2 and the business flourished during that time. They originally only sold health care products for dogs and cats, but soon saw the need to expand, and in the 1960’s and 70’s Beaphar launched their first bird feed product that was also a health care product. This food was named Xtra Vital.

Xtra Vital is a selection of different foods that cater for different size and species of Parrot. Each mix is tailor made for that particular Parrot’s needs, ensuring your bird stays in tip top condition and receives the right level of nutrition that they require. All Xtra Vital foods are enriched with vitamins and minerals to make them extra healthy.

Parrots shouldn’t need to have a changeover period from their current diet when first starting to eat Xtra Vital.

Finch Food

The Xtra Vital food for Finches contains up to 15 scrumptious seeds and fruits for this small bird to enjoy. Not only that, there is egg food that gives your Finch crucial amino acids, Echinacea that boosts your bird’s natural immunity to diseases and honey and fruit juice that makes the food even more appetising to your bird. Available in a 500g box.

Canary Food

The Xtra Vital Canary Food has an incredible 26 varieties of fruits and seed that your Canary will love. Plus there’s honey and fruit juice to make it extra palatable, egg foods containing essential amino acids and Echinacea that boosts your bird’s immune system. This is ready to buy in a 500g box.

Budgie Food

Xtra Vital Budgie Food is a premium food suitable for Budgies and Lovebirds. This has 26 variations of seeds and treats too, together with the crucial amino acids that birds need for good overall condition, Echinacea that ensures their immune system stays healthy and the entire blend is enriched with honey and fruit juice to make it more easily digested by your bird. Comes in a 500g packet.

Cockatiel Food

Enriched Cockatiel Food by Xtra Vital can be eaten by Cockatiels, Small Conures and most other small Parrots. This boasts over 30 different and tasty seeds and fruits. In addition it has lots of amino acids through the egg food that birds need to stay in good shape and Echinacea that gives your bird’s immune system a lift. So that it is even more palatable for the bird it has extra honey and fruit juice. Order this 500g packet now.

Larger Parrot Food

Xtra Vital’s Parrot Food is suitable for medium to large Parrots such as Caiques, Small and Large Macaws and African Greys. This has a selection of 17 seeds and fruits. Honey and fruit juice have been added to the blend to make it easier for your bird to eat, the addition of egg food gives your bird important vitamins and minerals and Echinacea helps your Parrot’s natural immunity. This is a 500g food.

Xtra Vital: A range of healthy seed mixes and food to maintain a bird’s excellent wellbeing.