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About Vitakraft

About Vitakraft

Posted by Vitakraft Parrot treats, Vitakraft Treat Sticks, Parrot Seed, Multi Vitamins on 23/1/2024

Find out more about Vitakraft.

Vitakraft is one of the oldest pet food companies, having first been established in Germany in 1837.The company was founded by the Wuehrmann family in Bremen, Germany and is still run by the fifth generation of the same family today.


The business has grown considerably in size and now operates in four continents across 20 countries.

In 2008 Vitakraft formed with a partnership with American company Sunseed to form Vitakraft Sunseed Inc. Both companies’ aim is to continue to produce natural products whilst constantly researching new and original items. Vitakraft’s factory was developed to ensure high quality is maintained at all times.

Every Vitakraft product is tailor made for an individual species. Their motto is “feed with love” and that is certainly something Vitakraft do. The individual species of Parrot that Vitakraft cater for include Amazonian Parrots, large African Parrots, small African Parrots and Australian Parrots.

Vitakraft Seed

Vitakraft Australian Food has many of the ingredients that Cockatiels and Budgies, which are native to Australia, might encounter. These include seven types of millet, eucalyptus leaves, pine, grass and wild seeds.

Vitakraft Amazonian Food caters for Amazonian Parrots like Conures, Macaws and of course Amazon Parrots might encounter. It has much of the food these Parrots might encounter there, like papaya, chilli pods and cereals.

The Large African Mix has the ingredients that larger Parrots like Senegals and African Greys would encounter in Central Africa. These include dates, fig, cucumber and different varieties of cereal.

The Small African Mix is suitable for the Lovebirds and other Parrots that would naturally live in the African savannah. It contains figs, dates, acacia flowers and different types of seed.

Vitakraft Treats

Vitakraft have a delicious range of treat sticks, with two sticks in every packet for double the fun for your Parrot. Yummy flavours include nuts and honey. Every treat has three delicious layers, the outer core is a seed mix, the middle layer is a biscuit layer and finally the inner layer is chewable wood.

The scrumptious flavours are Honey and Aniseed, Honey and Eucalyptus and Almond and Fig.

There is a Feather Care Treat Stick too that helps your bird during moulting and Multi Vitamins for Cockatiels and Multi Vitamins for Parrots.

There are Rollinis Bite Sized Parrot Treats that have been rolled into crispy crunchy balls for your Parrot to chew on. It has seeds, fruits and vegetables that are good for your Parrot’s beak.

Millet Sprays are an excellent source of magnesium, phosphorus and silica, which are used to keep your Parrot’s nervous system, tendons, skin and nails healthy.

Their Cocktails come in a Parrot size in a fruit and nut and vegetable and nut flavours and fruit flavour for Budgies.

Many are also available in cases.

Vitakraft: Feed your Parrot the tastiest food and treats, with love.