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About Versele-Laga

About Versele-Laga

Posted by Versele-Laga, Parrot food, Parrot treats, premium Parrot seeds on 9/1/2024

Find out more about Versele-Laga.

Versele-Laga has been producing delicious Parrot food and treats for over four decades. Vets, nutritionists, bird breeders and universities collaborate to continue to create more fantastic Versele-Laga products and enhance nutrition in any existing products.

The team at Versele-Laga test each product carefully before it goes to be baked and distributed so that it keeps its high quality until it reaches you.

Versele-Laga and Loro Parque

Versele-Laga also have a close relationship with the Loro Parque Fundacion in Tenerife. Loro Parque provides financial support to conservation projects across the globe.

The Loro Parque Zoological Park opened in 1994. Rare and endangered Parrots live in the park, and each one is closely monitored to protect them from extinction and so that visitors to the park can learn about nature and respect the animals.

Many of the bags of food are labelled with the Loro Parque logo, so you know which products are being used by the Loro Parque Fundacion to fund their important conservation work.

Versele-Laga supply Loro Parque with feed for their birds and give them financial assistance.

The Loro Parque Ara Parrot Blend is one of the foods that raise funds for the Loro Parque Fundacion. Many of the fruits, nuts and seeds found in the mixture are those that are also found in a Macaw’s wild environment, so this is a way to feed your Parrot a more natural diet. It’s all been enriched with minerals, vitamins and amino acids and approved by the scientists at the Loro Parque Fundacion. This is a 2.5kg bag.

Versele-Laga Premium Seed

The African Parrot Natural has been tailored to suit your Parrot’s natural environment too. All the ingredients are those that an African Parrot would discover naturally in the wild. The fine ingredients include cereals, seeds and nuts. This is a 1kg, 2.5kg or 15kg bag.

The Premium African Parakeet Blend, which is packaged as a 1kg bag, has been specially enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to make this already fantastic complete food even better. It gives Lovebirds and other similarly sized birds all the nutrition they require in their daily diet.

Australian Parrots can enjoy the Australian Parakeet Blend, available in a 1kg or 2.5kg bag. It’s particularly suitable for Cockatiels. Only the very best ingredients go into this mix so your bird gets the very best nutrition. It was designed with assistance from the researchers at Loro Parque.


The Premium Australian Parrot Mix is suitable for Cockatoos and other Australian Parrots. It supplies a lot of your Parrot’s nutritional requirements and has beak-wateringly good ingredients like seeds, vegetables and cereals. The staff at Loro Parque use it to feed their birds, it’s that good at keeping birds in good health. This is a 1kg bag.

The Premium Amazon Parrot Blend, ready to order in a 1kg bag, is a great tasting nutritious seed diet. The bag is resealable to preserve its freshness and taste. Inside the bag there is VAM granules, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, so your bird stays fit and healthy.

Another of the top seed mixes is the Prestige Premium Parrot Seed Mix. Not only does it contain VAM granules, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it has extra oyster shells and florastimul that keeps your Parrot’s stomach and intestines healthy. There is a 13% protein content too. Buy now in a 1kg or 2.5kg bag.

Versele-Laga Complete Food

NutriBird P15 has lots of yummy ingredients like peanuts, cereals and fresh fruits and is guaranteed to be 100% fresh. The complete gives your bird a longer life expectancy, gives them a brighter plumage and supports them in consuming less food elsewhere. This complete food is suitable for most medium to large Parrots and comes in a 1kg or 10kg bag.


NutriBird is available in a high energy or high protein hand-feeding formula.

Versele-Laga Treats

Versela-Laga have an impressive line of treats that could be used as a snack between meals, a positive reinforcement during behaviour training or as a food to hide in foraging toys to help keep your Parrot mentally stimulated.

The Hawaiian Sweet Noodle Mix requires you to do some preparation before you serve it up to your Parrot. It needs to be placed in a microwave for approximately three minutes before allowing to cool. Only then can your Parrot enjoy the fruits, three colours of pasta, vegetables and extruded pellets bursting with vitamins, amino acids and minerals..

The Mexican Spicy Noodle Mix is very similar but has stronger, spicier ingredients like red peppers and beans to make it fierier and give more flavour to it.
Both noodle mixes are 10 x 40g.

The 750g Exotic Nut Mix Parrot Treat and Exotic Fruit Mix is a healthy treat for most medium to large birds. The treats are in foil so that they stay fresh. The specially chosen grains turn into a feast thanks to the unshelled whole nuts. Parrots love cracking these open to get to their reward.

Versele-Laga Supplements

Versele-Laga have a good choice of supplements for Parrots too.

One of Versele-Laga’s more useful supplements is No Pick. Simply spray the bitter tasting liquid onto your bird’s feathers to prevent them picking at them. No Pick also prevents nestlings from being feather plucked by their parents and self-mutilation..

The 400g Mineral Block has lots of health benefit for your Parrot too. The equal combinations of sea algae, calcium, different types of grit, iodine, trace elements and soluble minerals can improve your bird’s overall health, aid their digestive system and help them build strong bones.

Versele-Laga: Useful Parrot food and supplements that contribute to your bird’s happy and healthy lifestyle.