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About Soaring Wings Training

About Soaring Wings Training

Posted by Free Flight, Soaring Wings Training, Training in Scotland, Parrot training and consultations on 22/1/2024

Find out more about Soaring Wings Training.

If you’re looking for advice on free flight training or need assistance rehabilitating your Parrot then Soaring Wings Training could be for you.

Although based in Scotland, as their courses are online anyone in the world can access them.


Soaring Wings is run by Nash Mayr and Ola Nellies.

Both Ola and Nash have qualifications and experiences in Parrots. Ola is currently working on a Parrot studies and behaviour diploma and has a higher national diploma in animal care and Nash has a higher national certificate in animal care and is also working on the Parrot studies diploma. Both also volunteer for Parrot Trust Scotland.

The services they offer are:

– Free flight mentorship (for flying Parrots outdoors safely)

– Flight rehabilitation classes (working with atrophied/flightless Parrots and helping them regain muscles to fly)

– General consultations (for any issues owners may encounter with their Parrot

The free flight course includes power point presentations, lifetime support, private Facebook group and as many zoom calls as you need, so your Parrot can learn free flight successfully.

The flight rehabilitation course includes everything you need to teach your Parrot to fly and includes powerpoint presentations, follow-up support and zoom calls.

Their consultations are either online or written down.

Also on their website is a small shop where you can purchase some Parrot goodies.

Ola and Nash own 6 Parrots themselves. These are Paco, Denali and Rodha the Cockatiels, Amare the Alexandrine and Corliss and Rita the Macaws.

For more information on Soaring Wings please visit their website here.