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About Rainforest Cages

About Rainforest Cages

Posted by Rainforest Cages, Parrot Cages, Cage Advice, Types of Cage on 9/1/2024

Rainforest Cages began manufacturing in 2009. Ever since their inception, their cages have been designed by people who are Parrot owners themselves.

They have lots of special features, including a non toxic avi coat powder that is lead and zinc free, vertical and horizontal bars for climbing and secure locks to keep your Parrot safely inside their cage.

Parrot Stands

The Forest Jungle Play Gym is available in a medium or large size. It’s good if you want your Parrot to exercise away from their main cage.

The stands have metal seed catchers, tray and grille to catch any mess your Parrot makes, feeding bowls, swings and ladders for a fun playtime and hooks to attach lots of fun toys for an exciting playtime.

Play Top Cages

The Santos Cage is available in an antique or stone colour. As is standard with play top cages, it has a dedicated play gym section at the top, to give your Parrot extra room to play or eat.

It has a very tall access door, slide out grilles and tray, seed catchers, swing out doors and castors to move it around your home during cleaning.

The play top styles of cage are the Belize, Valencia, Dakota and Barcelona.

The Bolivia Cage is ready to order in a stone or antique colour too. This features large entry/exit doors, castors, seed catchers, perches and slide out metal grille and tray.

As their name suggests, open top cages have a section you can open out for your Parrot to enjoy extra space for feeding and playing.

The Ecuador Cage is available in two colours, antique or stone. It has a wide door, for easy cleaning access and for your bird to move in and out of, seed catchers to collect waste, easy to move castors and two perches so your Parrot can see the world around them.

The Georgia Top Opening Parrot Cage has all the features your bird needs from a cage, with metal feeding bowls, seed catchers, perches, rolling castors and much more.

The Santa Fe Cage, ready to order in an antique colour, has the addition of a stand for lots of space for your Parrot. It has a very deep base to reduce mess, large doors and pull out trays.

The Amazona 1 and 2 are full of space for your Parrot to enjoy.

The Mini Santa Fe Cage is similar, but with smaller dimensions.

The Eagle, Peru and Stamford have tons of useful features too.

The Nova 2 is roomy.

Solid Top Cages

The Triple Cage is available in a Standard or Grande size. They’re a useful cage is you have a large flock, are breeding Parrots are just want to give your single bird lots of room.

They have large front doors with a clock face lock to keep your Parrot secure, wooden perches, stainless steel bowls, swing out feeders and slide out grille and tray.

They have high quality materials and have been painted with non toxic, zinc free avicoat to give a long lasting and safe coating for your bird.

The Double Cage is ready to order in an antique colour. It houses two Parrots maximum, unlike the Triple Cage which can fit three Parrots comfortably.

There is a Double Flight Cage too.

The Santos Cage is available in antique or stone. It has horizontal and vertical bars for climbing on. As well as that it has large front doors, four swing out feeders, slide out metal grille and tray, breeder doors and the whole thing sits on castors.

The Brazil Cage and Stand, in an antique colour, has four feeders so your Parrot has lots of delicious food and water, although they can be removed if needed, deep base to collect mess and two pull out trays for easy maintenance.

The Toronto fits neatly into the corner of your home.

The Castello can be bought in antique or stone.

The large Aviary with House has so much room for your Parrot, so they can spend time outside getting those essential UV rays.

The Parrot Aviary and Bird Aviary have loads of space for your Parrot to spend time in the open air as well.

The Granada lets smaller birds spread their wings safely.

Rainforest Cages: All styles of the highest standard Parrot cages and stands.